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general formula for carbohydrates?Cn(H2O)n
2 hexoses?fructose & glucose
polyhydroxyaldehydes are calledaldoses
polyhydroxyketones are calledketoses
is glucose a ketose or aldose?aldose
is fructose a ketose or aldose?ketose
the human body can assimilate only _________-glucoseD
which C is the anomeric C?carbonyl C, and only C attached to 2 O’s in the ring structure
in a ring structure, if the OH on the anomeric C is pointed down, it is labeledalpha
in a ring structure, if the OH on the anomeric C is pointed up, it is labeledbeta
what is a five-membered ring called?furanose
what is a six-membered ring called?pyranose
which C is the anomeric reference C, and what does it determine?farthest chiral C from anomeric, determines D or L
define glycosidesugars that are acetals (not hemiacetals)
define aglyconegroup attached to anomeric C of glycoside
what is the aglycone of a polysaccharide?another sugar
the anomeric C of a sugar reacts with _______OH group of another sugar
3 common bonding arrangements?1,4’, 1,6’, 1,1’
name for bond between sugars?glycosidic linkage
Tollens reagent detects what?aldehydes
aldoses _______ Tollens reagentreduce
ketoses _______ Tollens reagentreduce
Tollens reagent must react with the ______ form of a sugaropen-chain
glycosides ________ Tollen’s reagentdo NOT reduce
sucrose is a ________ made ofdisaccharide, 1,1’ glucose & fructose
maltose is a ________ made ofdisaccharide, 1,4’ both glucoses
lactose is a ________ made ofdisaccharide, 1,4’ glucose & galactose
cellulose is a ________ made ofpolysaccharide, beta-1,4’ chain of glucoses
amylose is a _________ made ofpolysaccharide, alpha-1,4’ chain of glucoses
amylopectin & glycogen are ________ made ofpolysaccharides, alpha-1,4’ chain of glucoses with alpha-1,6’ branching
glycosidic linkages are broken bycatalyzed hydrolysis (or just slowly in water)

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