Cancer stem cells

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How do cancer cells vary?In proliferative capcity, longevity and morphology
What prompted CSC model?Discoveries made in mech of tissue homeostasis
What does the CSC model positCancer growth is fuelled by a subet of long lived multipotent cells akin to stem cells.
When were first CSC experiments? How many cell to reinitaite1800's 10 to the 6
Who provided first evidence for CSCs? When ? When in humansBruce ad Van Der Gaag 1963 humans in 1997
Give an example of a CSCCD34+CD38- myeloid leukemia cells 1/2500000 cells in a tumour
What crictisms ? Iniate rather than maintain. Relevant to in vivo?
What evidence against CSC hypOverexpressed oncogenes Myc +Ras from Ig promoter - Iniate regardless of cell number. Representative?
What is the evidence for CSCs?Neutral drift in pr cancerous lesions
What is the evidence that stem cells are cells of origin?Lgr5+ cells in the gut tracing + retracing
What evidence contradicts stem cells as origin ?Progenitor cells from myeloid lineage can also contribute to ceaner
What cancers do not conform to CSC?Melanoma large proportion of cells possess tumorigenic activity
Genetic vairegation paper2011 Anderson Investigate architecture at subclonal level Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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