Canadian immigration test

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Define immigrationMigrants entering Canada
Immigration policy after confederationGrow population, settle the land, and provide labour and financial capital for economy.
1870 indigenous population102 000
1870 French population1 000 000
1870 British population2 100 000
After confederation, why was immigration importanteconomy
How many times over did Canada's population increase in a century and a half10x
How does the Canadian population increase with birth rates declining?immigration
4 different federal government department agencies responsible for immigrationMinistry of Mines and Resources, The Department of Citizen and immigration, The Department of Manpower and Immigration, The Canada Employment and Immigration Commission
What does the British North America Act say about responsibility for immigration?Constitutional responsibility for immigration is divided between provincial and federal
The federal goverment is reposible for increasing the number of _______French-speaking immigrants
What right do all provinces and territories have?To recruit immigrants for social and economic needs
Movement of immigrants were largely unrestricted except for _______ targeted by the immigration actFor the ill, disabled and poor.
1 group of people that's movements are restricted were the _______Chinese migrants
In 1885, Chinese migrants also got the _____ Head tax (lasting until 1923)
The immigration Act of 1919 restricted ________ from entering CanadaCommunists, Mennonites, Doukhobors ( and other groups with particular religious patterns and fought Canada in the war(Austrians, Hungarians, Turks)
They got rid of the immigration act of 1919 because ______booming economic growth
The restrictions from the Immigration Act of 1919 eased off after _____the Second world war (partly thanks to the economic growth)
What year did Ottawa end racial discrimination?1962
What ways could you get points with the point system implemented in 1967?Work skills, education levels, language abilities (in speaking French or English), and Family connections.
What is Green Paper?A document containing proposed policies
Who was prime minister when Green Paper was made?Pierre Trudeau
What improvements did Canada's immigration policy want?Improve Canada's demographic, economic, social, and cultural goals.
The immigration policy also helped with _______Helping newcomers adapt to canadian society.
The immigration act defined refugees as _______As a distinct group of immigrants

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In the 1979 Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, what could groups do?Allowing private groups (most often churches and ethnic community organizations) to sponsor refugees
Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program modernized what?how refugee status is determined
5 classes of immigrantsIndependent (people applying on their own) Humanitarian (refugees and other persecuted or displaced people) Family (Having immediate family already living in Canada) Assisted Relatives (Distant relatives, sponsored by a family member in Canada) Economic (People with highly desirable employment skills, or those willing to open a business or invest significantly in the Canadian economy)
What was the Immigration Act replaced with?Immigration and refugee protection act
What did the Immigration and refugee protection act also include in the family class?same-sex and common law relationships
What powers did the government get with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act?To detain and deport landed immigrants of being a security threat
How many newcomers in Canada are refugees? (%)10-15
What are the 2 types of refugees? Refugees that come from dangerous countries and refugees that come from safe countries
What did the report from parliament say about increasing immigrants?We need to moderate how many immigrants we receive
What does the recent policy in Canada try to encourage immigrants to do?Immigrants to settle in smaller communities in the less-populated provinces
What does the Provincial Nominee Program allow?Provincial governments to nominate specific immigrant applicants
What were the 2 goals of the Provincial Nominee Program?Recruit immigrants with desirable job skills, or language skills, into a province's workforce

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