Canadian Immigration Test pt 2

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Question Answer
In the 1979 Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program, what could groups doAllowing private groups (most often churches and ethnic community organizations) to sponsor refugees
Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program also _____ modernized how refugee status is determined
5 classes of immigrantsIndependent (people applying on their own) Humanitarian (refugees and other persecuted or displaced people) Family (Having immediate family already living in Canada) Assisted Relatives (Distant relatives, sponsored by a family member in Canada) Economic (People with highly desirable employment skills, or those willing to open a business or invest significantly in the Canadian economy)
What was the Immigration Act replaced withImmigration and refugee protection act
What did the Immigration and refugee protection act also have?The family class to include same-sex and common law relationships
What powers did the government get with the Immigration and Refugee Protection ActTo detain and deport landed immigrants of being a security threat
How many newcomers in Canada are refugees10-15%
What are the 2 types of refugees? Refugees that come from dangerous countries and refugees that come from safe countries
What did the report from parliament say?Moderate and controlled increase in the number of immigrants annually is required if Canada's population size is to be maintained or to grow marginally
What does the recent policy in Canada try to encourage?Immigrants to settle in smaller communities in the less-populated provinces
What does the Provincial Nominee Program allow?Provincial governments to nominate specific immigrant applicants
What were the 2 goals of the Provincial Nominee Program?Recruit immigrants with desirable job skills, or language skills, into a province's workforce