Campus lagoon flowers

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Question Answer
baccharis pilularis shrub with white, cottony flowers.
brassica nigra black mustard, yellow flowers
bromus diandrus grass
cakile maritima sea rocket, shrubby, stout leaves, small purple flowers
carpobrotus iceplant
croton californicus shrub, bubbly looking stuff, yellow flower w long thingies coming out middle
distichlis spicatasickled grass, purple ish flower
elymus triticoidessickled far down the blade, wild rye, grass
erigonium parvifolium buckwheat!! white or pink , bunched up flowers
eschscholzia californicacalifornia poppy, orange
eucalyptus globulusblue gum, white anemone like flowers
frankenia salinapink flowers, stubby thick leaves
isocoma menziessifunky yellow flower, leaves have small ridges
medicago polymorphagreen spiraled leaves, yellow flower, clusters of 3 leaves, distinct half line on leaf.
oxalis pes capraesour grass, 3 heart leaves w black spots, bright yellow flour, yummy yummy
quercus agrifoliabig tree w green acorn thingies
raphnus sativuswild raddish, papery thin flowers, large floppy smooth leaves
tetragonia tetragonioidessmall, stubby, yellow flower, thick short leaves, waxy, rounded in curve

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