Calf and Foot Insertion-Origin-Action

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Muscles of Calf

GastrocnemiusPosterior Condyles of FemurAchilles TendonPlantar Flex the Foot
Tibialis AnteriorBody of Tibia1st Metatarsal&Medial CuneiformInvert&Dorsiflex The Foot
SoleusProximal Fibula & Soleal line of TibiaAchilles TendonPlantar Flex the Foot

Muscles of Calf 2

PlantarisLateral head of femoral condyleAchilles TendonWeakly Plantar Flex
PopliteusLateral femoral condyleproximal, posterior aspect of tibiaFlex the knee
Peroneus Longushead of fibula & proximal 2/3 of lateral fibulamedial cuneiform and base of 1st metatarsalevert the foot

Muscles of Calf 3

Peroneus BrevisDistal 2/3 of tibiatuberosity of the fifth metatarsalevert the foot
Extensor Digitorum Longuslateral condyle of tibia & interosseous membranemiddle & distal phalanges of 2nd - 5th toeextends 2nd - 5th toe
Extensor Hallucis Longusmid-anterior surfae of fibula & interosseous membranedistal phalanx of first toeextend the 1st toe

Muscles of Calf 4

Tibialis PosteriorProximal, Posterior Shaft of Tibia and Fibula & Interosseous membrane5 Tarsals and bases of the 2nd - 4th metatarsalsInvert the foot
Flexor Digitorum LongusMiddle Posterior surface of tibiadistal phalanges of 2nd - 5th toesflex 2nd - 5th toes
Flexor Hallucis Longusmiddle half of posterior fibuladistal phalanx of first toeflex the first toe

Muscles of Foot

Extensor Digitorum BrevisDorsal surface of calcaneus2nd - 4th toes via Extensor digitorum longus tendonsextend 2nd - 5th toes
Flexor Digitorum BrevisMedial process of calcaneusMiddle phalanges of 2nd - 5th toesFlex the middle phalanges of the 2nd - 5th toes
Abductor HallucisMedial process of calcaneusproximal phalanx of first toeabduct the first toe

Muscles of Foot 2

Abductor digiti minimiLateral Process of calcaneusproximal phalanx of the 5th toeflex the 5th toe
Extensor Hallucis BrevisDorsal Surface of CalcaneusProximal phalnx of 1st toeextend the 1st toe
Flexor Hallucis BrevisPlantar surface of cuboid & lateral cuneiformmedial and lateral surface of base of proximal phalanx of first toe

Muscles of Foot 3

Adductor HallucisBases of 2nd-4th metatarsals & plantar ligament of 3rd - 5th Mp jointsLateral surface of base of proximal phalanx of first toeAdduct the 1st toe
Flexor Digiti Minimi BrevisBase of the 5thBase of proximal phalanx of 5th toeflex the 5th toe
Quadratus Plantaemedial & lateral side of plantar calcaneusposterior lateral aspect of flexor digitorum longus tendonassist flexor digitorum longus to flex 2nd - 5th toes

Muscles of Foot 4

Plantar Interosseimedial surface of 3rd - 5th metatarsalsmedial surface of proximal phalnges 3rd-5thAdduct & Flex 3rd - 5th toes
Dorsal InterosseiAdjacent surface of all metatarsalsmedial surface of proximal phalanx of first toe & lateral surface of proximal phalange of 2nd - 4th toesAbduct & Flex 2nd-4th toes
Lumbricals of the FootTendons of flexor digitorum longusbases of proximal phalanges of extensor digitorum longus tendonsflex & Extend 2nd - 5th toes