Calc 2 (Test 4)

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Recursive Sequences areSequencs where you must use the PREVIOUS result to find out the next one
If a Seq is becoming larger numbers it is Heading towards _ and _∞ _ Diverging
If a seq is becoming a smaller number it is heading towards a _ and it is _lim _ Converging
Thm 9.1 (seq vs f(x)) If a sequence matches a f(x) then the function result is = to the seq result
What is a Partial series and what do they tell us about a seriesPS is a finite amount of an ∞ series and it can tell you what an infinite series of doing (converging or diverging)
Thm 9.2 (all as n-> ∞) PROPERTIES of lim of seq1. a(n) + b(n) = L+k _ 2. C*a(n) = C*L _ 3. a(n)*b(n) = L*K _ 4. a(n)/b(n) = L/K
What is 5! written out and = 5*4*3*2*1=120
Thm 9.3 (Squeeze Thm)If a top and bottom seq are heading to a lim then so is anything inbetween
If a is Monotonic and bounded then it is Convergent