CA Penal Code Recitation 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
148 (a) (1) Misdemeanor
166 (a) Misdemeanor
166 (4) Misdemeanor
186.22 (a) Felony
242 Misdemeanor
243 (b)Misdemeanor

Section 2

Question Answer
Misdemeanor 148 (a) (1)Obstruct, delay: Officer or E.M.T. willfully, in the discharge of his/her duties.
Misdemeanor 166 (a)Contempt of Court:
Misdemeanor 166 (4) Disobey Process or Court Order. Includes out of state orders and orders pending trial.
Felony 186.22 (a) Street Gang: Membership: Participate knowing the members engage or have engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity, and promote or help members in a felony crime.
Felony 211Robbery: Felonious taking of personal property in possession of another, from his/her person or immediate presence, and against his/her will, accomplished by force or fear.
Misdemeanor 242 Battery: Any willful and unlawful use of force on the person of another.
Misdemeanor 243 (b) Battery on Peace Office, Firefighter, Paramedic, EMT, custodial officer, lifeguard, security office, custody assistant, process server, traffic officer, code enforcement officer, animal control officer, or search and rescue member, nonsworn probation employee performing duties, where on or off duty, including off-duty peace office in police uniform exercising peace officer powers during part-time employment as a private security guard or patrolman, or againist physician or nurse giving emergency care outside a health care facility, and offender knows or should know such.