C480 Chapter 8

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VLAN Poolinga feature that enables you to group multiple wireless controller VLANs
Lightweight access points (LWAPP)a protocol for controlling multiple Wi-Fi wireless access points
Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)centralized management and control of the APs

802.11x Standard Summary

StandardBandMax. BandwidthTransmission MethodMax. Range
802.112.4 GHz1 Mbps or 2 MbpsDSSS or FHSS20 m indoors/100 m outdoors
802.11a5 GHz54 MbpsOFDM35 m indoors/120 m outdoors
802.11b2.4 GHz11 MbpsDSSS32 m indoors/140 m outdoors
802.11g2.4 GHz54 MbpsOFDM or DSSS32 m indoors/140 m outdoors
802.11n2.4 GHz or 5 GHz (or both)> 300Mbps (with channel bonding)OFDM70 m indoors/250 m outdoors
802.11ac5 GHz> Gbps (with MU-MIMO and several antennasOFDMSimilar to 802.11n operating at 5 GHz

Deploying Wireless LANs

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independent basic service set (IBSS)ad hoc WLAN
basic service set (BSS)WLANs that have just one AP
extended service set (ESS)WLANs containing more than one AP
infrastructure modean 802.11 networking framework in which devices communicate with each other by first going through an Access Point (AP)

Generations of wireless technologies

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1Gable to do only phone calls.
2Gintroduced few more features such as simple text messaging.
3GIt introduced most of the wireless technology such as Web browsing, email, video downloading, picture sharing, and other smartphone technologies.
4GIt has the feature of sharing the network resources to support more simultaneous connections on the cell.
4G LTE (Long Term Evolution)It is enhanced version of 4G and provides faster speed than 4G.