C182 SQL and DB

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Question Answer
SQL commend used to delete an entire tabledrop
SQL command used to modify an existing tablealter
SQL command used to add a new tablecreate
SQL command used to modify existing data in a tableupdate
SQL command used to remove records from a tabledelete
SQL command used to add records to a table within a databaseinsert
informs DBMS criteria data should match to be returned as output of queryWHERE
informs DBMS what tables are to be interrogated by the queryFROM
informs DBMS what fields or attributes are of interestSELECT
driver developed by oracle to write java apps, uses ODBC to interact w/ DBsJava Database Connectivity (JDBC)
intended to be independent of DBMS and OSes, interact between app and DBOpen Database Connectivity (ODBC)
similar to OLAP, deals w/ data in real time, process then immediately storedOLDP
act of processing data through suite of tools, slicing, dicing, drilling downOnline Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Online Transaction ProcessingOLTP
the act of storing transformed data in a data warehouseLoading Data
makes data from multiple sources fit the model of the data warehouseTransforming Data
collection of organized databasesData Warehouse
a process used by a data warehouseExtract, Transform, Load (ETL)