C182 MVC n-tier SRA

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what MVC stands forModel View Controller system
*MVC* makes changes and updates data based on new dataModel
*MVC* captures user input dataView
*MVC* interacts w/ user via view, passes along user requests to the modelController
Presentation tier, Logic tier, Data tierN-tier architecture
Ntier*interface translates tasks and results to something user can understandPresentation tier
*N-tier* coordinates application, processes commands, logical evaluationsLogic tier
*N-tier* store and retrieves information from a database or file systemData tier
1st phase of MVCModel
2nd phase of MVCView
3rd phase of MVCController
1st tier of n-tierpresentation
2nd tier of n-tierlogic
3rd tier of n-tierdata
3 aspects of information assurance and security (IAS)Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability (CIA)
What does SRA stand for?Strategic Risk Analysis
1st step of SRAidentify information assets
2nd step of SRAidentify vulnerability assets
3rd step of SRAdetermine threats based on vulnerabilities
4th step of SRAprioritize risks
5th step of SRAdevelop and enact policies as necessary