C182 Database

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Question Answer
most common structure for databasesrelational
database format organizes data using a tree-like structurehierarchical
has sub-tables that contain data related to a single, main data pointhierarchical
multiple tables w/ interrelated fields, queries to generate reports, provide inforelational
database system that has records that are separated by a delimiterflat file
data about a single entity, like customers, inventory, sales, etc are storedrelation
contains all of the data listed for a single person or entityrecord (tuple)
contains a data value for a record's attributefield
contains specific characteristics or properties of a recordattribute
search of data in the relation or relations that fit specific parametersquery
returns all of the records from the relation, but only select attributes or fieldsprojection
For a database to work, at least one of the fields has to contain unique valuesUnique identifier / primary key
query used to withdraw information from multiple relationsjoin

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