C178 Test Review 2b

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Question Answer
used to secure Web communications between clients and Web serversSecure Sockets Layer (SSL)
(Control Type) controls that include both physical controls and actual operational proceduresOperational controls
(Control Type) any technological security measure, such as a firewall, intrusion detection system, or anti-virusTechnical controls
sending broadcast packets to a network, using the source IP address of the target computerSmurf attack
you should make security policy awareness program as a part of what for new employees?induction program
a single address that can be assigned to multiple interfaces in IPv6IPv6 anycast address
method to securely transmit authentication info over wired or wireless networks, uses server-side public key certificates to authenticate the serverPEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol)
communication protocol that multicasts messages and information among all member devices in an IP multicast group, can be used for gaming and videosIGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol)
What is used to create a DMZ? A router or a firewall?Firewall. Routers only transmit data between networks on a TCP/IP internetwork
an extension to Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), authentication protocol for wide range of authentication methodsEAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
what is NOT true of a CRL validation process?Each and every certificate is validated individually with the CA
developed by Netscape to manage the security of a message transmission on the InternetSSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
Is inbound or outboub connectivity required for hosting SSL based Web site?Inbound is required
uses modular arithmetic and elementary number theories to perform computations using two large prime numbersRSA
one of the methods used for key stretching, derivation of blowfishbcrypt
would allow an attacker into the system since it would mistake an attack for legitimate trafficfalse negative
128 bit encryption, provides msg integrity, info encrypted to prevent unauthorized disclosureSSL
What is the equivalent of a VLAN from a physical security perspective?Partitioning