C178 Test Review 1

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Question Answer
act of binding a private key held by a subject to its corresponding public key is the primary function of:digital certificates
use the elements of digital certificates along with hashing to verify source and integrity of commsdigital signatures
block cyphers, which are used for bulk data encryption, use what kind of key? Symmetric key
a message sent from a user to a certificate authority for applying a digital identity certificateCSR (Certificate Signing Request)
Is the RSA algorithm symmetric, or asymmetric?It is an asymmetric algorithm
What is the risk triad for an organization?Vulnerabilities, Assets, Threats
What is VeriSign?It is a certification authority
What is needed for cryptography without keys?Cipher program and a Deciphering program
What actions does the data loss prevention (DLP) technology take when an agent detects a policy violation?It creates an alert, It notifies an administrator of a violation, It quarantines the file to a secure location, It encrypts the file, It blocks the transmission of content
A message is also known as what?Hash function
What tools can an attacker use to perform a DNS zone transfer?nslookup, dig, host
What PKI element is placed in a browser's trusted root CA?Public Key
What best describes a bluejacking attack?sending unsolicited contact information to Bluetooth devices configured in discover mode
Which protocol uses AES encryption to provide a secure wireless environment?WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)
What is responsible for maintaining certificates in a public key infrastructure (PKI)?Certification authority
can be used to verify the integrity and provide nonrepudiation of a messageDigital signatures
agreement established between connected IT systems to document technical requirements of the interconnectionISA (interconnection security agreement)
What is an encryption algorithm that is a symmetric key block cipher?DES (Data Encryption Standard)