C178 Cryptography 5

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intended as means of providing security to msgs and transactions on a grand scalePKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
a two-key, asymmetric system with four main componentsPKI (Public Key Infrastructure)
a mechanism that associates the public key with an individualcertificate
One of the first steps in getting a certificate is to submit a...CSR (certificate-signing request)
four parts of PKIcertificate authority (CA), registration authority (RA), RSA (the encryption algorithm), and digital certificates
used to identify or establish the identity of an individual for certificate issuanceLRA (local registration authority)
primary difference between an RA and an LRALRA involves the physical id of the person requesting a certificate
The most popular certificate used is the...X.509 version 3
define what certificates doCertificate policies
detailed statement the CA uses to issue certificates and implement its policiesCPS (Certificate Practice Statement)
process of revoking a certificate before it expiresCertificate revocation
A certificate revocation is handled through a...CRL (Certificate Revocation List) or OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)
Four main types of trust models are used with PKI:Hierarchical, Bridge, Mesh, Hybrid
aka a "tree", a root CA at the top provides all of the informationhierarchical trust model
peer-to-peer relationship existing among the root CAsbridge trust model
expands concepts bridge model by supporting multiple paths and multiple root CAsmesh trust model
use the capabilities of any or all of the structureshybrid trust model
hardware used to assist with hash key generationTPM (Trusted Platform Module)