C178 Cryptography 4

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Question Answer
For the exam, remember...X.509 v2 for CRL and v3 for certificate
used to establish secure comm. connection between 2 TCP-based machinesSSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
combo of methods, such as authentication, encryption, and MAC algorithms used togethercipher suite
security protocol that expands upon SSL, will replace SSL in the futureTLS (Transport Layer Security)
messaging protocol used between PKI entitiesCertificate Management Protocol (CMP)
secure version of MIME used for encrypting email, uses asymmetric encryption algorithms for confidentiality and digital certificates for authenticationS/MIME (defined by RFC 2633)
provides encryption for credit card numbers that can be transmitted over the InternetSET (Secure Electronic Transaction)
most suited for transmitting small amounts of dataSET (Secure Electronic Transaction)
tunneling protocol originally used on Unix, handshake similar to SSLSSH (Secure Shell)
freeware email system considered to be a very good systemPGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
PGP uses both symmetrical and asymmetrical systems as part of its process T/F?True!
part of GNU project by Free Software Foundation, interoperable with PGPGPG (GNU Privacy Guard)
Whereas HTTPS creates a secure channel, _____ creates a secure messageS-HTTP (Secure Hypertext Transport Protocol)
security protocol that provides authentication and encryption across the InternetIPSec
becoming a standard for encrypting virtual private network (VPN) channelsIPSec
is built into IPv6IPSec
in conjunction w/ L2TP or L2F, creates packets that are difficult to read if intercepted by a third party, works at layer 3 of OSIIPSec
two primary protocols used by IPSec at the bottom layerAuthentication Header (AH) and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
supports encapsulation in a single point-to-point environmentPPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)
Cisco developed, a method for creating tunnels primarily for dial-up connectionsL2F (Layer 2 Forwarding)
a hybrid of PPTP and L2F, created by Cisco and MicrosoftL2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
set of guidelines for the U.S. federal government information systemsFIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard)