C178 Cryptography 2b

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Two-key systems are referred to as...Public Key Cryptography (PKC) (also PKI uses PKC as a part of the process)
early public-key encryption system that uses large integers as the basis for the processRSA
works with both encryption and digital signaturesRSA
used in many environments, like Sockets Layer (SSL), can be used for key exchangeRSA
algorithm for exchanging keys over an insecure medium (unless IPSec)Diffie-Hellman
considered the founders of the public/private key conceptDiffie-Hellman
provides similar functionality to RSA but uses smaller key sizesElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
based on the idea of using points on a curve, based on difficulty of solving discrete logarithm problemsElliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
key that exists only for that sessionephemeral key
creates a key to use for single communication session and it is not used againephemeral key
provides the perfect forward secrecy to DHE and ECDHEephemeral key
Key agreementDiffie-Hellman (this is an asymmetric algorithm)
Transmitting digital signatures and key exchangesEl Gamal (this is an asymmetric algorithm)
option to RSA uses less computing power and is popular in smaller devicesElliptic Curve (ECC) (this is an asymmetric algorithm)
most commonly used public-key algorithm, used for encryption and digital signaturesRSA (this is an asymmetric algorithm)
security of algorithm should depend on secrecy of the key, not algorithm itselfKerckhoffs's principle