C178 Cryptography 1

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Question Answer
type of coding or ciphering that changes one character or symbol into anothersubstitution cipher
oldest known substitution cipher, shifts all letters a certain number of spacesCaesar cipher
not adequate for modern uses, and a computer would crack one instantlySubstitution cipher
uses multiple substitutions, use table to match with letter from keywordVigenère cipher (Multi-Alphabet Substitution)
transposing or scrambling the letters in a certain manner, scramble blocks of equal sizeTransposition Ciphers (Rail Fence Cipher is a classic example)
oldest known encoding algorithm, simple algorithm rotates every letter 13 places in alphabetrot13
process of hiding a message in a medium such as a digital image, audio file, or other fileSteganography (can be used for electronic watermarking)
type of encryption that can be done in either tunneling or transport modeTransport Encryption
only the data or payload and message headers are encryptedtunneling mode (in reference to Transport Encryption)
encrypts only the payloadtransport mode (in reference to Transport Encryption)