C172R Quick Reminders

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Question Answer
Maximum ramp weight of the A/C is2457 lbs
With the alternator side of the master switch off, maximum compass deviation may occur upto 25 degrees
Maximum slip or skid duration with one tank dry is 30 seconds
Maximum oil pressure is115 psi
The maximum window open speed in KIAS is 163 (BELOW MACH 1)
Minimum turning radius (pivot point to outbound using tip)27 feet 5.5 inches
The unusable fuel quantity in each tank is 1.5 gallon
In Voltmeter/OAT opeartion, by pushing the upper control button will sequence the window fromE-F-C-E
Ignition opeartion is controlled by a rotary switch which is labelled...R,L, Both and start
Which provides the best fuel economyPeak EGT
Oil pressure gauge markingsRed line for minimum idling pressure, Green arc between 50-90 PSI, Red Line for max permissible pressure
Examination of fuel in system for contamination and grade should be doneBefore the first flight of everyday and after each refueling
Weak intermittent firing followed by puffs of black smoke from exhaust indicates Over priming
Vertical speed indicator's functionIndicates Rate of Climb/descent in feet per minute
The engine driven vacuum system providesSuction necessary for the Directional Gyro (Heading indicator) and Attitude indicator
Center area of instrument contains what?Static pressure alternate source valve
The compound DIEGME added to total fuel volume in what part/ratio0.10-0.15%
The enunciator illuminates when rocker switch in cockpit is placed in Forward position
On pressing left rudder pedal to left side, nose wheel can be turned MAX to10 degrees
To permit heavier cabin loading, filling of each fuel tank must not be less than 17.5 gallons
The yellow arc on ASI responds to 129 to 163 KIAS
Abrupt use of flight controls is prohibited above99 knots
Digital Clock/OAT is tested byHolding control button for 3 seconds
Audible stall warning horn becomes blaring when5-10 knots above stall conditions
First sign of Carburator icingDrop in engine RPM and drop in engine Manifold Pressure
During engine starting, if engine floodsMixture idle/cut off
Flap switch lever mechanical stops are provided at 10-20-30 degree position intervals.
Annunciator located above altimeter provides caution for:Fuel Flow
Red gauge in Oil pressure illuminates when pressure isBelow 20 PSI
Alternator must be switched off manually if voltage indicates beyond:31.5 volts. But restart only when on ground
How much time do you wait for oil pressure gauge to read in very cold conditions, after starting the engine60 seconds
How to avoid inadvertent icingTurn back or change altitude
Maximum altimeter and airspeed variation from normal is30 feet and 4 knots
Preflight check of the Pitot heaterPitot heater is warm to touch within 30 seconds of battery and gradually when the Pitot heat switches ON
OIL Operating limitsNot less than 4 quarts. For longer flights upto 8 quarts
How to gauge the RPM functioning?RPM drop should NOT exceed more than 150 RPM on either magneto (Left and Right checking). And it should not be more than50 RPM differential between L & R magento checks.
How to perform Oil Pressure Check?After starting the engine, Oil pressure should be within the Green marking ARCS within 30 SECONDS in summer and within 60 SECONDS in very cold winter
Power required for normal cruising60-80% of power - until 50 hours of flying
Minimum turning radius with differential braking27 feet
Flap system is protected by:10 amp Circuit breakers
Landing Gear configurationMain Wheels - tubular springs steel...Nose Wheel - Air/Oil shock strut
How long can an A/C operate with one empty tank (1/4 or less) uncoordinated?30 seconds
Parking brakes procedure?Set the brakes with rudder pedals, pull the handles backwards, aft and rotate 90 degrees down
Attitude Indicator Markings are indexed as10,20,30,60,90 degrees
Directional Gyro (Heading) knobsLower left knob is used to adjust the compass card error and correct for precession. Lower right is used to move the heading bug
How to avoid transmitting to stop when a microphone is stuck?If a stuck microphone is kept on continuously for 33 seconds, the transmitter stops transmitting
How to get Maximum cabin Heating?Cabin heat knob fully OUT and Cabin air knob fully IN
Black smoke from exhaust is a sign of what?Over Priming. For easy starting during cold weather we use overuse may cause the overheating.
Directional Gyro indicator should be aligned for long haul flights mainly forPrecession
Avionics cooling fan switches ON when...?Avionics MASTER is ON.
Aircraft tyres ares...?6 ply rated
Nose gear configurationOleo pneumatic shock strut, with 45 PSI airpressure
Fuel Flow meter range0-11 gallons per hour. Cruising fuel flow 6 to 9 approximately gallons per hour...depending on the height, power and OAT