C172R Details - Part2

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Question Answer
Wing Area of the A/C174 sq.feet
Elevator Span of A/C11.4 Feet
Wheel Base length of A/C65"
Horse Power Rating & Engine power160 BHP, 2400 RPM
Propeller model no. of A/C IC235/LFA 7570
Airspeed when engine fails after take offFlaps Up 65 KIAS, Flaps Down 60 KIAS
Landing with flat main tyre, Flaps will be30 degrees
Landing with flat nose tyre, Flaps will be As required (10-30 degrees)
Engine Failure during takeoff, roll the first action will beThrottle idle
If fire occurs during start on ground, the throttle & mixture will beThrottle full open & mixture idle cut off
Descending through clouds to go around against & spiral dive to minimize compass card swings due to changing bank angleChoose a heading as shown in the compass+choose a westly heading
The magneto check should be madeAt 1800 RPM
Desired Vacuum range of A/C is 4.5 - 5.5 INCH of mercury
A/C has which clock model Davtron model 803 digital clock
The clock of an A/C combines which featuresA clock+Outside Air Temperature gauge+Voltmeter
Take off speed for normal climb70-80 KIAS
Enroute climb at sea level, airspeed is75-85 KIAS with flaps up
Engine type of the A/C4 Cylinder+Fuel injection+Air Cooled
At sea level, the Best Rate of Climb is79 KIAS
At 10,000 feet, best angle of climb speed is65 KIAS
Maximum Flap Extended speed of A/C110 KIAS for 10 degrees flap, 85 KIAS for 10-30 degrees flaps
Maximum structural cruising speed 129 KIAS
While ditching, procedures areTransmit MAYDAY on 121.5 MHz, give location & intention & squawk 7700