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provide data transfer rates up to 54Mbps, operating range to 75'. ops@5GHz802.11a (Wireless-A)
provide data transfer rates up to 11Mbps range of 100-150'. ops@2.4GHz802.11b (Wireless-B)
data transfer rates up to 54Mbps up to 150 feet. It operates at 2.4GHz802.11g (Wireless-G)
data transfer rates up to 4 x 802.11g speeds (200+Mbps). ops@2.4GHz,5GHz802.11n (Wireless-N)
provides single-station data Xsfer rates of 500Mbps and operates in the 5GHz802.11ac (Wireless-AC)
when the user's PC establishes an association w/ another access pointHand-off
A transceiver used to interconnect a wireless and a wired LANAccess Point
reflection of radio waves striking the RFID and reflecting back to transmitterBackscatter
Term used to describe an independent networkBasic Service Set (BSS)
Use of MIMO technology with eight spatial streamsMultiuser MIMO (MUMIMO)
wireless network comms protocol technique similar to Ethernet protocolSlotted Aloha
A broadband wireless system based on the IEEE 802.16e standardWiMAX
Wide bandwidth is used to spread the transmitted dataDirect spread spectrum
Transmit signal frequency changes based on a random sequenceFrequency-hopping spread spectrum
Bandwidth is divided into smaller subchannelsFrequency division
network access method used by a WLAN deviceCSMA/CA
prone to interference from Bluetooth, microwaves, and cordless phones802.11b
standard for wireless connectivity supports data transfer rates of 200 Mbps802.11n
high speed and compatibility with 802.11b802.11g
WAN technology utilizes an optical SONET carrier and has a maximum bandwidth of 155.54MbpsOC3 (not WLAN but still on test)
can operate at either 20MHz or 40MHz channel spacing802.11n

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