C172 TCP Model

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aka Network Interface, Physical and Data Link combined in OSILink Layer, layer 1
handels modulation, bit synchronization, and error detectionLink Layer, layer 1
associated with Network layer of OSIInternet Layer, layer 2
handles routing, traffic control, fragmentation, logical addressingInternet Layer, layer 2
same as Transport layer in OSI modelTransport Layer, layer 3
handles message segmentation, ACKs, traffic control, resends, reorderingTransport Layer, layer 3
related to Session, Presentation, and Application layers in OSIApplication Layer, layer 4
handels the establishment and termination of of a session, also encryptionApplication Layer, layer 4
Layer 1 of the TCP ModelLink Layer
Layer 2 of the TCP ModelInternet Layer
Layer 3 of the TCP ModelTransport Layer
Layer 4 of the TCP ModelApplication Layer