C172 OSI Model

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Question Answer
Interacts w/ applications such as your Internet browser and emailApplication Layer
Handles error recovery, flow control (synchronization), and sequencingData Link Layer
outgoing msgs, combines msgs or segments into packets, adds routing infoNetwork Layer
Provides the electrical and mechanical connection to the networkPhysical Layer
Accepts and structures the messages for the applicationPresentation Layer
control functions necessary to establish, manage, terminate the connectionsSession Layer
Is concerned with message integrity between source and destinationTransport Layer
layer where the network address is usedNetwork 3
three layers to check when isolating a network issuePhysical 1, Network 3, Application 7
translates from one code to another if necessaryPresentation 6
interprets user requests and determines info needed to support requestApplication 7
cables, NICs, hubsPhysical, Layer 1
frames, MAC address, Ext. Unique Identifiers, EUI-48 and 64Data Link, Layer 2
IP addresses, routers, packetsNetwork, Layer3
TCP segments, UDP datagramsTransport, Layer4
control protocols, tunneling protocolsSession, Layer5
application encryption like SSL or TLSPresentation, Layer6
what we see with our eyesApplication, Layer7
MPLS) operates at which of the following layers of the OSI model2 and 3