C172 Fiber

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Question Answer
propagation of several wavelengths in 1500nm range for single fiberDense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM)
caused by refractive index fluctuations, accounts for 90% attenuation lossscattering
ratio of power transmitted into a cable to the amount of power returnedreturn loss
broadening of a light pulse as it propagates through a fiberdispersion
index of refraction gradually varried w/ a parabolic profile, defeat modal disp.graded-index fiber
broadening pulse due to different velocities of x and y polarization componentspolarization mode dispersion
light interaction w/ atomic structure, conversion of light to heatabsorption
ratio of speed of light in free space to its speed in a given materialrefractive index
broadening of a pulse due to different path lengthsmodal dispersion