C1 Air Quality

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What percentage of each gas makes up the Earth’s atmosphere?78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen 1% Argon and other noble gases 0.04% Water vapour and Carbon Dioxide
What is the percentage of nitrogen in the air?78%
What is the percentage of oxygen in the air?21%
What is the percentage of argon in the air?1%
What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air?0.04%
Where did the early gases come from?Volcanic Activity
What was the main gas in the early atmosphere?Carbon Dioxide
Name one way that oxygen levels increasedPhotosynthesis
Name three ways that carbon dioxide levels decreasedLocked in sedimentary rocks, Fossil Fuels, dissolving in Oceans
What happened to the water vapour from volcanoes?Condensed to form the ocean
Which two pollutants cause acid rain?Nitrogen Oxides And Sulfer Dioxide
Which pollutant gas is poisonous?Carbon Monoxide
Which pollutant makes things dirty and causes breathing problems?Particulates
What problem does carbon dioxide cause?Trapping heat in the Earths atmosphere
What happens to the atoms during a chemical reaction?Atoms are re-arranged
What are the main pollutants?Carbon Dioxide And Particulates
What are the products of incomplete combustion?Carbon Monoxide And Water
Where does nitrogen dioxide come from?Oxidised Nitrogen Monoxide
What happens to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Some is removed though natural processes such as photosynthesis and dissolving in water.
Recall 3 ways of reducing pollution caused by power stations.Using less electrisity and therefore fossil fuels, removing toxic chemicals, renewable sources of electricity, filtering systems
Give 4 ways that exhaust emissions from motor vehicles can be reduced?Modern engine, hybrid, low-sulpher fuel, bio diesel, public transport, catalytic converters
What are the 2 rules for balancing always have the same no.of each atom on each side of the reaction

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