BV French 500

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Section 1

61 A's
Question Answer
abaisserto lower, reduce or humiliate
s'abaisserto humble onself
abasourdirto daze, stun or deafen
abattreto dishearten, to strike down
abolirto abolish
absoudreto absolve
s'abstenirto abstain
accepterto accept
acclamerto acclaim, applaud or cheer
accompagnerto accompany


Question Answer
accorderto grant or admit
accourirto run (up) to
accrocherto hang up
accroîtreto increase, make greater or enlarge
accueillirto welcome
accuserto accuse
acheterto buy
acheverto achieve, finish or complete
acquérirto acquire or obtain
admettreto admit


Question Answer
admirerto admire
adorerto worship or adore
adresserto address
advenirto happen or occur
agacerto annoy or irritate
agirto act or behave
s'agirto be the matter or question of
aiderto help
aimerto love or like
ajouterto add


Question Answer
allerto go
s'en allerto go away
amenerto bring or lead
amuserto amuse or entertain
s'amuserto have a good time or amuse oneself
annoncerto announce
apercevoirto perceive
apparaîtreto appear
appartenirto belong or pertain
appelerto call
s'appelerto be named


Question Answer
apporterto bring or bear
apprendreto learn
approcherto approach or come near
approuverto approve of
arracherto pull up or out
arrangerto arrange
arrêterto arrest or stop qqn/qqch
s'arrêterto stop oneself or pause
arriverto arrive or happen
s'asseoirto sit down


Question Answer
assisterto assist, be present or attend
assurerto assure, ensure or guarantee
s'assurerto make sure or assure oneself
atteindreto attain
attendreto wait (for) or expect
attirerattract or allure
attraperto catch
augmenterto augment or increase
avancerto advance or go forward
avoirto have

Section 2

18 B's
Question Answer
baisserto lower or sink
balancerto balance, sway or swing
balayerto sweep
bâtirto build or construct
battreto beat, hit or strike
se battreto fight
bavarderto chat, babble or gossip
bénirto bless
blâmerto blame


Question Answer
blanchirto whiten
blesserto harm, hurt, injure, wound or offend
se blesserto harm or injure oneself
boireto drink
bougerto budge or move
bouillirto boil
brosserto brush
se brosserto brush oneself
brûlerto burn

Section 3

53 C's
Question Answer
cacherto hide
se cacherto hide oneself
casserto break
se casserto break (a bone)
causerto cause or chat
céderto yield
cesserto cease
changerto change
chanterto sing
chargerto burden or charge


Question Answer
chasserto hunt, pursue or chase
chercherto look (for) or search
chérirto cherish
choisirto choose
chuchoterto whisper
combattreto combat
commanderto command
commencerto begin
commettreto commit
comparerto compare


Question Answer
comprendreto understand
compterto count, intend or expect
concevoirto conceive
conclureto conclude
conduireto lead, drive or manager
connaîtreto know or meet
conquérirto conquer
conseillerto advise or recommend
consentirto consent or agree
contruireto construct


Question Answer
contenirto contain
conterto relate or narrate
continuerto continue
contraindreto restrain or compel
contredireto contradict
convaincreto convince
convenirto suit or be appropriate
corrigerto correct
corrompreto corrupt
coucherto put to bed


Question Answer
se coucherto go to bed or lie down
coudreto sew or stitch
couperto cut or switch off
courirto run
coûterto cost
couvrirto cover
craindreto fear
créerto create
crierto cry
croireto believe


Question Answer
croîtreto grow
cueillirto gather or pick
cuireto cook

Section 4

37 D's
Question Answer
danserto danse
décevoirto deceive or disappoint
déchirerto rip or tear
déciderto decide
découvrirto discover or uncover
décrireto describe
décroîtreto decrease or diminish
déduireto deduce, infer or deduct
défaireto undo or untie
défendreto defend, forbid or prohibit


Question Answer
déjeunerto have lunch
demanderto ask (for) or request
demeurerto reside, live, remain or stay
démolirto demolish
se dépêcherto hurry
dépeindreto depict, describe or portray
dépendreto depend or take down qqch
dépenserto spend (money)
déplaireto displease
dérangerto disturb


Question Answer
descendreto descend
désirerto desire
dessinerto draw
détesterto detest
détournerto turn away
détruireto destroy
développerto develop
devenirto become
devoirto have to, should
diminuer :to deminish or lessen


Question Answer
dînerto dine, have dinner
direto say or tell
discuterto discuss or argue
disparaîtreto disappear
donnerto give
dormirto sleep
douterto doubt

Section 5

45 E's
Question Answer
échouerto fail
écouterto listen (to)
écrireto write
effrayerto frighten
égayerto amuse, cheer up or enliven
éleverto raise or bring up
élireto elect
s'éloignerto move away
embrasserto kiss or embrace
emmenerto lead or lead away


Question Answer
émouvoirto move, touch or excite
empêcherto hinder or prevent
employerto use or employ
emprunterto borrow
encouragerto encourage
s'enfuirto run away, escape or flee
enleverto carry away or take away
ennuyerto bore, annoy or weary
enseignerto teach
entendreto hear or understand


Question Answer
enterrerto bury
entreprendreto undertake
entrerto enter, come in or go in
s'envolerto fly away or take off (airplane)
envoyerto send
épouserto marry
éprouverto try, test, feel or experience
espérerto hope
essayerto try or try on
essuyerto wipe


Question Answer
établirto establish or set up
éteindreto extinguish or shut down (computer)
s'étendreto stretch or lie down
étonnerto amaze, stun or surprise
étourdirto daze, make dizzy or bewilder
êtreto be
étudierto study
évaluerto evaluate
s'évanouirto faint, swoon or vanish
éviterto avoid


Question Answer
excuserto excuse
s'excuserto excuse oneself
exigerto demand or require
expliquerto explain
exprimerto express

Section 6

20 F's
Question Answer
se fâcherto become angry
faillirto fail or almost do qqch
faireto do or make
falloirto be necessary
féliciterto congratulate
feindreto make believe or pretend
fendreto split or crack
fermerto close
se fierto depend or rely on or trust in
finirto finish or end


Question Answer
fonderto found or establish
fondreto melt or dissolve
forcerto force
fouillersearch or to dig deeply
fournrirto furnish or supply
frapperto knock or hit
frémirto shudder, quiver or tremble
frireto fry
fuirto flee, shun of leak
fumerto smoke or steam