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Sustainable SystemMaintainable Ex. Fishing, Farming
Degenerative SystemHarmful to people and planet Ex. Littering, GHG
Regenerative SystemBenificial to people and planet Ex. Solar panals, Wind mills, Water capturing
Fair ShareSets limits on consumption and over population
UMD Climate Action PlanTo make the campus more "green" Ex. Recycling, Reduce carbon emission, Increse efficiency
Systems ThinkingProcess of how systems influence one another within a larger system
Fisheries SystemsMore boats = less fish, Less fish = less boats
New Bedford FisheriesNumber 1 fishery in the nations
SwaleDitches that slow and catch water to redirect and filter pollutants
Living MachinesAny system that cleans waste water and releases it to to wetlands
Greenhouse GasesIn the Earths atmosphere and include wtaer vapor, carbon dioxide, and methane
Greenhouse Effect Process where radiation from earths atmosphere warms the surface to a dangerous tempurature
Positive Loops Keep increasing
Negative Loops Keep positive in check
Permaculture Key domains that require transformation to creat a sustainable culture (designed landscapes and mimic patterns)
Obtain a Yield Any time you design or make something it includes elements that will provide tangible outcomes
Natural Energy StorageEnergy stored in living matter such as water,trees etc.
Cultural Energy storageEnergy stored in technology devices such as solar panels,windmills,computers
Carbon farmingAn agricultural process in which crops recieve carbon from the soil and above ground biomass
Carbon sequestrationStoring carbon in living tissue Ex. Soil, plants, ocean
BRIX MeterMeasures percent of nutrients in fruit, and the amount of sugar and water
Crop nutrient densityNumber of nutrients/calories(vitamins and minerals) that a food contains
Food systemsProcess of how food gets from the fields to your plate
Current food systemsAbundant food supply, cheap food, and fresh fruits and veggies year round
Sustainable food systemsmakes the most efficient use of resources. Growing on food
Food JusticeFair distribution of healthy and fresh food without injustice
Food sovereigntyPeoples right to healthy and culturaly approptiate food

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