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What is an employee?Someone who works for an organisation under a contract in return for a salary or wage.
Give 2 advantages of part time staffFlexible to cover peak times. Cheaper as they aren't in everyday.
Give 2 disadvantages of part time staffRecruitment/training costs. May miss out on vital info when not in.
Give 2 advantages of temporary staffCover permanent employee absences, specialists can be employed for period.
Give 2 disadvantages of temporary staffLack of commitment (lower quality work), recruitment costs.
What is an Advisor/Consultant?An individual paid a fee to provide a service for a period.
Give 2 advantages of hiring an Advisor/ConsultantCan raise awareness of issues staff may ignore, bring in new ideas.
Give 2 disadvantages of hiring an Advisor/ConsultantCost a lot of money to hire. may not be trusted ideas.

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