BUSN Exam #4

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Question Answer
planningdetermining organizational goals and means to achieve goals
controllingevolving process, monitoring performance, making adjustments
first-line management titles and responsibility supervisor, foreman, and section leader, responsible for production
middle manager jobscoordinating team and special projects with peers from other departments
technical skillexpertise in a specific functional area or department
strategic planningrequires strong conceptual skills, must see the BIG PICTURE
Maslow's hierarchypsychological, safety, social, esteem, self actualization
job autonomyconsiderable freedom and self authority
theory xpeople seek security and prefer to be directed
task significanceimpact a task has on other people
strategic v. operational planningstrategic - done by top level managers, operational - first-line managers who draw up weekly schedules
contingency planning examplefirm's largest raw materials supplier closes operations without notice
opportunity in swOta firm identifies an emerging trend that it can use to enter a new market segment
strategic goalsrepresent concrete benchmarks that managers can use to pressure performance in each key area of the organization
highly centralized companieshave a strong corporate image
span of controlrefers to the number of people a manager supervises
functional departmentalizationdivide employees into groups based on expertise
matrix organizationspeciality areas work together for a common goal
free-rein leadershipissue orders without consulting followers
most effective leadersadapt their leadership style depending on the followers and the situation
goal of managers with controllingwhen an employee is not on track to meet goals, communication should be the manager's first resort
goal of HRfuture their human investment so that it yields the highest possible return
HR managementfocused on maximizing the effectiveness of the workforce by recruiting world-class talent, promoting career development, and determining work force strategies to boost organizational effectiveness
challenges HR facesloss of key talent and experience through retirement of Baby Boomers
problem with younger workersbring an unprecedented sense of entitlement
to gain respect, HR managers mustknow the strategic goals, core customers, and competitors
job descriptionexplanation of responsibilities for a specific position
job description v. job specificationdescription - defines responsibilities, specification - defines qualifications
internal recruitmentseeking employees who are currently in the firm to fill a position
external recruitmentseeking new employees from outside the firm
importance of the applicationa tool for rejecting unqualified candidates
commissionspayments as a percentage of sales (%)
computer-based trainingdisadvantage is that it is not effective for everyone because some learn better through human interaction
contingent workersworkers who do not expect regular, full-time jobs, and include temporary full-time workers, independent contractors, and temporary agency, or contract agency workers
probationary periodrefers to a specific time during which a new hire can prove his or her worth on the job
strong orientation programs will...reduce employee turnover
disadvantage of on-the-job trainingcan compromise the customer experience
online trainingstandardizes the presentation of training materials
management develop programshelp current and potential executives develop skills they need to move into leadership positions
performance appraisalsmanager must focus on fairness, relevance, objectivity, and balance
wagespay employees receive in exchange for number of days or hours worked
cafeteria-style benefitsgives all employees a set amount of money they must spend on company benefits
flextimescheduling options as long as they work a set number of hours
telecommunicatingconnect via phone lines, fax, or broadband networks, disadvantages are that it isolates employees from social structure of workplace
civil rights act of 1964prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, etc., affects HR
sexual harassmentconsidered sexual harassment even if harasser is not the victim's supervisor
Responsibilities of HR managementrecruitment, compensation, training, selection, separation
4 areas of managementcontrolling, planning, leading, and organizing
recruitmentHR managers focus on _____ by looking internally and externally to fill positions.
mission statementan organization's core goals
affirmative actionpolicies that are meant to increase employment opportunities for minorities
Theory Ypeople are naturally motivated to by creative and innovative, people lead by creativity
strategic planning for managersestablish a vision for the company, define long-term objectives and priorities, determine broad action steps, and allocate resources
organization charta visual representation of the company's formal structure
5 types of skillshuman, technical, conceptual, time, and critical thinking
4 theories of motivationMaslow, X and Y, Expectancy theory, equity theory
3 types of organizationsline, line-and-staff, Matrix
levels of managementtop, middle, first-line, non-managers

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