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purpose of internal communication:Provide information. Gather information. Share ideas.Clarify issues. Get to know people. Persuasion.Appraise employee performance
purpose of external communication:Improve customer service. Public relations. Confirm arrangements.Give instructions. Provide information.
define internal communication:Are those that take place within the business.
define external communication:concerned with how a business communicates with and is viewed by other businesses and stakeholders outside the business.
define formal communication:involves making use of the official communication channels of a business.
define informal communication:channel involves the business making use of unofficial means of exchanging information.
what is Top-down (also called downward) communication:involves messages sent from senior managers through supervisors to employees. Downward communication might include an instruction to employees
what is Bottom-up (also called upward) communication:when messages originating with employees flow up to senior managers.
what is Sideway (also called horizontal) communication: occurs when information flows between people operating at the same level within the organisation.
what is verbal communication:is the written or oral use of words to communicate
what is written communication: are used by managers to pass on ideas and information inside and outside a business.
what is oral communication:involves direct word-of-mouth contact.
what is non verbal communication: is any message that is not written or spoken--body language.
what is a communication barrier?anything that distorts or interrupts the message and its meaning.
what is jargon?words that cannot be understood because they are too technical; they are not representative of everyday speech.
what is Discriminatory language?Sexist, racist or other words that discriminate against any group of people will block effective communication.
what is negative language? Expressions such as ‘whatever’ or ‘that won’t work’, for example, that discourage people from offering further suggestions
what is filtering?when a sender manipulates information so the receiver will see it more favourably.
what is Improper attitude?when a manager adopts a superior attitude, for example, and ‘talks down’ to his/her employees,
what is an information overload?is an excess of information causing the reader to become overwhelmed and confused.
what is perception?s the process through which people select, organise and interpret information to create meaning.
what is the physical communication barrier?Background activities in the working environment, including interruptions and noise, may interfere with the message, particularly if it is complicated and requires concentration.

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