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Nissiantheir sunderland plant is one of the most successful manuf operations in the uk. had lots of surplus labour in sunderland with a single-union agreement. produce EVs there yet may move out of uk if uk leaves eu
Royal mailquestions over going private or staying public, privatising would raise competitiveness in a declining market which is due to technological advancements. quality should increase, but that'll cost so prices will increase so demand may decrease
Bloodhound carglobal engineering adventure to inspire next generation about science and tech. 4000 schools registered to visit in first 18 months
Siemens 550 jobs will be made at new wind turbine plant in hull as well as a further 450 in construction
Aquafreshnon-luxury so are 'recession proof'. produce 450million tubes a year. fully automated with great EOS
Rolls Roycemade 2800 redundancies costing £120 million - av £40k per employee. new factory made the olds ones less cost effective
JLR£19.4bn in 2014, PBT of £2.4bn. created 1300 jobs in their new 'lightweight vechiles' which helps fuel the economy. invested £1.5bn. remained in solihull. 462,678 sales in 2014, double that of 2008. 42,000 employees. uses CAD to create virtual cars saving them money on prototypes.
Suresensesupported by the south west manufacturing advisory service to enable recruitment of a partner sales role as well as a administrator
Macretefound a solution to the increasing number of bridges that needs replaced with the support of Innovate UK
Bindatex provides high tolerance material cutting services. were given £10,000 towards £18,000 project in 2012 and were supported by Innovate UK
GSKrecession proof firm that is credit worthy. bulk buy 3 tonnes of ingredients, unit cost falls so can set competitive prices. capital intensive automated, means they can compete on a global scale. purchasing power at discounted prices. have to follow strict laws in medicines. gain skilled labour from surrounding unis. aim to improve quality of life. rev = £23n employees = +100,000. $25m invested in tech
Calderia UKrestored after chinese staff become demanding as labour was no longer a surplus. reshoring was expensive but could benefit from the british made USP. better quality in uk so can set higher prices
HiPPquality control on labour, tested 260 times per pot. helps them meet food laws. use tech to test and find elements in their food to match benefits of breast feeding. only export within the EU cutting food miles. 96% of waste is recycled. co2 has been reduced by 95% and water down by 10% in a year. can charge high prices, stable market still always needed but has high competition
BAEpaved the way for 3D printing in the military. making savings of £300k in 4 years by this 3D printing, and £1.2m in manufacturing
Dysonfirst person to invent bagless vacuum. sold in 65 countries. produce in malaysia after being refused entry, negatively reflected on uk image. poor conditions for malaysian staff. 4000 employees 1/3 are innovatiors. £50m investment in unis. invested £1bn in r&d to meet aim to creating 100 new products in 4 years. had to close wiltshire plant in recession losing 590 jobs.
Nestle20,000 employees. world latest food company. product technology centre in York allows them to innovate and higher quality. buying from child labour farms on the ivory coast. mostly export to the EU. missold their milk to uneducated mothers saying it was better than breast feeding
Barclaysa power culture lead by anthony jenkins. created "project transform" which employees had to agree to or leave. were fined for mis-selling PPI they became to reliant on high investment banking. lost touch with their true motives when they grew so quickly
Dreamworksentreprenreal culture lead by jeffery katzenber. strive to foster creatively by encouraging employees to take risks. maintain a 97% staff retention rate. stress free environment with perks benefits and flexibility
Argosa bureaucratic culture lead by john walden. aimed to change the culture to one that focuses on providing enjoyable customer service teamwork ownership of decisions respect and competitive will. 80% of the staff know the firms aims
Enronpower culture lead by jeffery skilling. his personal values and ethics were pronounced throughout the firms unfavourable culture. believed in winner-takes-all idea and it was an up-or-out culture for staff where skilling would put staff head to head wanting them to fear each other. enron misrepresented earning and fixed balance sheets as well as hide debt.