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the process of management involves the functions of planning,__organizing______, leading and controlling.Organizing
an effective manager achieves both high performance results and high levels of ___satisfaction__ among people doing the required work.Satisfaction
performance efficiency is a measure of the ______ associated with task accomplishmentResource Costs
two dimensions that determine the level of environmental uncertainty are the number of factors in the external environment and the ______ of these factorsRate of Change
productivity is a measure of the quantity and _____ of work produced, with resource utilization taken into accountQuality
______ managers pay special attention to the external environment, looking for problems and opportunities and finding ways to deal with them.Top
the accounting manager for a local newspaper would be considered a ____ manager, whereas the plant manager in a manufacturing firm would be considered a ______ manager.Staff, Line
when a team leader clarifies desired work targets and deadlines for a work team, he or she is fulfilling the management function of _______Planning
the process of building and maintaining good working relationships with others who may help implement a manager's work agendas is called _____Networking
in katz's framework, top managers tend to rely more on their ______ skills than do first line managersConceptual
the research of mintzberg and others concludes that managers ______always live with the pressures of performance responsibility
when someone with a negative attitude toward members of visible minorities makes a decision to deny advancement opportunities to an Indo-canadian worker this is an example of _____Discrimination
among the trends in the new workplace, one can expect to find ______More valuing people as human assets
the manager's role in the "upside down pyramid" view of organizations is best described as providing _______ so that operating workers can directly serve ____Support, Customers
the management function of ______ is being performed when a retail manager measures daily sales in the women's apparel department and compares them with daily sales targetsControlling

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the assumption that people are complex with widely varying needs is most associated with the _____ management approachesBehavioural
the father of scientific management is ______Taylor
when the registrar of a university deals with students by an identification number rather than a name, which characteristic of bureaucracy is being displayed and what is its intended benefit?Impersonality; fairness
if an organization was performing poorly and henri fayol were called in as a consultant, what would he most likely suggest to improve things?Teach managers to better plan and conrtol
one example of how scientific management principles are applied in organizations today would be:A results based compensation system
the hawthorne studies are important because they raised awareness of the important influences of ______ on productivityHuman factors
advice to study a job, carefully train workers to do that job, and link financial incentives to job performance would most likely come from:Scientific management
the highest level in maslow's hierarchy is the level of _____ needsSelf-actualization
conflict between the mature adult personality and a rigid organization was a major concern of: Argyris
when people perform in a situation as they are expected to, this is sometimes called the _____ effectHawthorne
resource acquisition and customer satisfaction are important when an organization is viewed as a(n)Open system
when your local bank or credit union is viewed a san open system, the loan processing department would be consideres a Subsystem
when a manager notices that sheryl has strong social needs and assigns her a job in customer relations, while also being sure to give kwabena lots of praise because of his strong ego needs, the manager is displayingContingency thinking
in a learning organization, as described by peter senge, one would expect to findEmployees who are willing to set aside old thinking and embrace new ways
the key outcomes of high performance organiztions are both consistent high performance andHigh quality work life environment

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the reasons why businesses go international include gaining new markets and the search for _____Lower labour costs
when rocky brands decided to buy full ownership of a manufacturing company in the dominican, rocky was engaging in which form of international business?Foreign subsidiary
a form of international business that falls into the category of a direct investment strategy is _______Joint venture
the world trade organization would most likely become involved in disputes between countries over _____Tariffs
business complaints about copyrights protection and intellectual property rights in some countries illustrates how differences in _____ can impact international operationsLegal environments
in ______ cultures, members tend to do one thing at a time; in ______ cultures, members tend to do many things at once.Monochronic, polychronic
a culture that places great value on meaning expressed in the written or spoken word would be described as_____ by hallLow context
it is common in malaysian culture for people to value teamwork and to display great respect for authority. hofstede would describe this culture as high in both _______Collectivism and power distance
in hofstede's study of national cultures, america was found to be the most _______ compared with other countries in his sampleIndividualistic
it is _______ when a foreign visitor takes offence at a local custom such as dining with one's fingers, considering it inferior to the practices of his or her own cultureEnthnoocentric
when a clothing manufacturer buys cotton in egypt, has tops sewn from sri lanka according to designs made in italy, and then offers them for sale in canada, this form of international business is known as _______global sourcing
the difference between an international business and a transnational corporation is that the transnational _______tries to operate without enthnocentric attitudes
the corruption of foreign public officials act makes it illegal for ______Canadian businesses to make "payoffs" abroad to gain international business contracts
in a culture described by project GLOBE as high in _______, one would expect to find men and women treated equally in terms of job and career opportunities.Gender egalitarianism
hofstede would describe a culture whose members respect age and authority and whose workers defer to the preferences of their supervisors as _______High power distance

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values are personal beliefs that help determine whether a behaviour will be considered ethical or unethical. an example of a terminal value is _____Self respect
under the ____ view of ethical behaviour, a business owner would be considered ethical if she reduced a plant's work force by 10% in order to cut costs to keep the business from failing and thus save jobs for the other 90%Utilitarian
a manager's failure to enforce a late to work policy the same way for all employees is an ethical violation of ______ justiceProcedural
the sarbanes oxley act of 2002 makes it easier for corporate executives to ________Be tried and sentenced to jail for financial misconduct
two "spotlight" questions for conducting the ethics double check of a decision are (a) how would i feel if my family found out about this? and (b) how would i feel if ______this was printed in the local newspaper or appeared on the internet
research on ethical dilemmas indicates that ______ is/are often the cause of unethical behaviour by people at workPressures from bosses and superiors
customers, investors, employees, and regulators are examples of ______ that are important in analysis of corporate social responsibility Stakeholders
two employees are talking about their employers. sayed says that ethics training and codes of ethical conducts are worthless; maura says these are the best ways to ensure ethical behaviour in the organization. who is right and why?Neither sayed nor maure - training and codes can aid but never guarantee ethical behaviour
a proponent of the classical view of corporate social responsibility would most likely agree with which of these statements?The primary responsibility of business is to maximize business profits
an amoral manager ________Acts unethically but not intentionally
an organization that takes the lead in addressing emerging social issues is being _______, showing the most progressive corporate social responsibility strategyProactive
the criterion of ______ responsibility identifies the highest level of conviction by an organization to operate in a responsible mannerDiscretionary
which ethical position has been criticized as a source of "ethical imperialism"Utilitarianism
a manager supports an organization's attempts at self governance when he or she always tries to achieve performance objectives in ways that are ______Ethical and socially responsible
which of the following is NOT a reason why a company should focus on sustainabilityCultural relativism

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____ is one of the personality characteristics commonly found among entrepreneursSelf confidence
when an entrepreneur is comfortable with uncertainty and willing to take risks, these are indicators of someone with a(n) ______High tolerance for ambiguity
almost ______% of canadian businesses meet the definition of small business used by industry canada98%
when a business owner sells to another person the right to operate that business in another locations, this a ______Franchise
a small business owner who is concerned about passing the business on to heirs after retirement or death should prepare a formal ______ planSuccession
among the most common reasons that new small business start ups fail is ______Lack of business expertise
when a new business is quick to capture a market niche before competitors, this is called _____First mover advantage
when a small business is just starting, the business owner is typically struggling to _____Gain acceptance in the marketplace
a venture capitalist who receives an ownership share in return for investing in a new business is providing _____ financingEquity
in ______ financing, the business owner borrows money as a loan that must eventually be repaid, along with agreed upon interest to the lender Debt
____ take ownership shares in a new venture in return for providing the entrepreneur with critical start up fundsAngel investor
among the forms of small business ownership, a _____ protects the owners from any personal liabilities for business lossesCorporation
the first component of a good business plan is usually _____An executive summary
current trends in small business ownership in canada would most likely show that _____The majority of small businesses conduct some business by internet
if a new venture has reached the point where it is pursuing an IPO, the firm is most likely _____Successful