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As what is business ethics alternatively expressed?Corporate responsibility.
Who tells us of the age of business ethics, and to whose early writings does he refer?Robert C. Solomon and Aristotle.
What did Arisotle consider an essential part of society, and what is the Greek for this?Household trading, and oikonomikos.
What did Aristotle consider non-virtuous and parasitic, and what is the Greek for this?Trade for profit, and chrematisike.
What does Aristotle say is the role of a leader, and in which work does he say this?To create conditions in which followers can achieve their full potential, and not to enhance his power, and Nicomachean Ethics.
Why is not Aristotle the best critic of business ethics?He was not familiar with the idea of a corporation.
What is a famous case which invites us to consider business ethics?The Ford Pinto case.
How much would it have cost to correct the Ford Pinto, and how many deaths did Ford anticipate to occur?$11 and hundreds.
Why would Karl Marx disagree with those in charge of the Ford Pinto?He was against equating one’s “personal worth” with “exchange value”, as he noted in his ´Communist Manifesto´.
What was a precursor to Adam Smith's famous business ethics work, and when was it released?´The Theory of Moral Sentiments´ and 1759.
What was Adam Smith's famous business ethics work, and when was it published?'The Wealth of Nations´, and 1776.
In what did Adam Smith believe, what did he call this, and what does it mean?Laissez-faire capitalism, the stage of 'perfect liberty', and that wages are determined by markets and not guilds or governments.
What was the famous symbol of Adam Smith?The invisible hand.
What is one of the flow-down benefits that Adam Smith describes?A successful factory owner will employ more people, creating more stable jobs.


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Who brought to prominence the word 'capitalism'?Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
How will the condition of the proletariat improve?By production ownership.
What is an example of the Bible mentioning property?The command not to steal.
Who would disagree with the Bible's brief stance, why, and what was he?Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, he said 'Property is theft', and a contemporary of Marx.
About what was Jesus concerned which goes against free trade?Sharing wealth with the poor.
After the Reformation, what was the Puritans' view?That thrift and enterprise were virtues.
Who said that there was a link between Protestant virtues and capitalism?Max Weber.
To Protestants, what is the attainment of wealth?A blessing from God.
To Protestants, what is the restlessness of work?The highest means of asceticism.
What is an extreme extension of Protestant ethics?That business success is evidence of divine approval.


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For what three things have Roman Catholic texts recently argued?The right to work, the existence of labour unions and an obligation for governments to protect the weak.
Which three dimensions does the idea of common good have in Catholicism, and according to who?Some shared public values transcend individuals’ rights; decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level of government; we are all responsible for each other; Clifford Longley,
What two opposite things does the Catholic Church criticise?Capitalism and communism.
What is a superior form of wealth creation?Capitalism.
What quality should free markets not be allowed, why, and according to who?Sovereignty, because they are biased against the poor, and Clifford Longley.


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In what incredibly greedy way might businesses getting involved in charity projects be viewed?Stealing from stockholders.
Who said that the only responsibility of businesses was to create profit?Milton Friedman.
What is Robert C. Solomon's quote placing business in a good light?'We adopt a too narrow vision of what business is.’
Who said profits should be seen as a means of encouraging and rewarding hard work?Robert C. Solomon
How is there a link between profit and social responsibility?Good business have to take the community into account.
Why does Anthony Weston say Johnston & Johnston are an ethical company, and what is an example?It places stakeholders over stockholders, and when seven people were poisoned, it pulled 22 million bottles of the shelf and had to lose $100 million.
Who commented on the fact that Johnston and Johnston quickly regained their market share, and what did he say?Anthony Weston and it proves that "doing the right thing by stakeholders also benefits stockholders”.


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Between 1958 and 1988, by what factor has the value of global trade increased?80+
What is a term related to global trade?Transnational corporations.
What is an advantage of capitalism, and who said this?That "for the first time in the history of Mankind, any kind of product can be manufactured anywhere in the world” and Lester Thurow.
What is a compassionate argument in support of global trade?It is the only way that less developed countries can prosper.
What is an anti-global-trade quotation, and who said it?“The division of labour among nations […] actually consists in […] ‘victory’ for some, in ‘defeat’ for others." and Eduardo Galeano.
What kind of effects might capitalism be said to have?Imperialist effects.
What is the Brand-esque statistic regarding global trade?The top 20% in the richest countries enjoy 82% of export trade, whereas the bottom 20% have 1%.
Kid a, kid a... ?No Logo by Naomi Klein (1999)
What type of position is different between transnational corporations and less developed countries?Bargaining position.
What is a really good point against global trade?Some of the richest countries like the USA have the strongest trade barriers.
Why is fair trade difficult in the global community?There is no strong independent judicial authority.


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According to Karl Marx, to what is the amount companies pay a person equivalent, and in contrast to what?What they expect, and what they are worth, respectively.
What was a trend Marx noticed in history, and what are two examples?The predominant religion always justifies the economic stucture; the Catholic hierarchy was a mirror of the feudal system, and in capitalism liberty is a virtue, so Christianity is currently allowing more liberty in interpreting the Bible.

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