Business Cycle

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Business cycle characteristics1. rely on business enterprises, 2. cycle has an expected expansion nd contraction period 3. phases occur same time throughout economy 4. periodic but not recurrent 5. lasts 1-12 yrs
Phases of BCtrouhg, expansion, peak, contraction
What happems- expansionaggregate economy is expanding
What happems-contraction/recession/depressionaggregate economy is declining
What to do- early expansionfully use existing workforce
economy returns to normaleconomic policies adopted by central bank phased out
recessionhigh values on safer assets like utilities and staple goods
expansion established-boomtesting limts-increase cant find qualified people-rising wages-reduced profits/anticipating future expansion

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Economic Activity-EEGross domestic product (GDP), industrial production, and other measures of economic activity stabilize and then begin to increase.
Economic Activity-late expansionActivity measures show an accelerating rate of growth.
Economic Activity-peakActivity measures show decelerating rate of grow
Economic Activity-recessionActivity measures show outright declines.
Employment-early expansionLayoffs slow but new hiring does not yet occur and the unemployment rate remains high. Business turns to overtime and temporary employees to meet rising product demands.
Employment-late expansionBusiness begins full time rehiring as overtime hours rise. The unemployment rate falls.
Employment-peakBusiness slows its rate of hiring. The unemployment rate continues to fall but at a decreasing rate.
Employment-recessionBusiness first cuts hours and freezes hiring, followed by outright layoffs. The unemployment rate rises.
Consumer and Business Spending-EEUpturn-spending-housing, durable consumer items, and orders for light producer equipment.
Consumer and Business Spending-LEUpturn in spending becomes more broad-based. Business begins to order heavy equipment and engage in construction.
Consumer and Business Spending-PCapital spending expands rapidly, but the growth rate of spending starts to slow down.
Consumer and Business Spending-RDecreased spending most evident in industrial production, housing, consumer durable items, and orders for new business equipment.
Inflation-EEInflation remains moderate and may continue to fall.
Inflation-LEInflation picks up modestly.
Inflation-PInflation further accelerates.
Inflation-RInflation decelerates but with a lag.

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