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Section 1

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employment at willemployment terminable by employer or employee for any reason
duties of emplyerexercise care, provide reasonable safe workplace, provide safe tools, duty to provide competent employees, duty to instruct employees
fellow servantemployee with same status and working with another worker
respondeat superiortheory imposing liability on employers for torts of employees
shop rightemployers right to use employee's invention without payment of loyalty

Section 2

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disparate treatmentintentional discrimination against a particular individual
protected classgroup protected by antidiscremination laws
disparate impactfair policy disproportinately affecting protected class
hostile work environmentalteration of terms or conditions of employment by harassment
collective bargainingprocess by which employer and union negotiate and agree on terms of employment

Section 3

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striketemporary, concerted action of workers to withhold their services from employer
union shopwork setting in which all employees must be union members
secondary boycottattempt by employees to stop third party from dealing with employer
hot cargo agreemnetagreement that employer will not use materials from nonunion shops

Section 4

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llcpartnership type organization but with limited liability
sole proprietorshipbusiness owned and carried on by one person
proprietorowner of sole proprietorship
ficticious name registration statutes law requiring operator of business under assumed name to register with state
unlimited liabiltybusiness debts payable from personal assets

Section 5

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partnershipassociation with two or more people to carry on a business for profit
partnersmember of a partnership
ordinary or general partnrshippartnership with no limitation on rights and duties of partners
limited partershippartnership with partner whose liability is limited to capital contribution
trade partnershipone engaged in buying and selling
nontrading partnershipone devoted to professional services
general partnerpartner actively and openly engaged in business
silent partnerpartner who takes no part in firm
limited partnerpartner who takes no active part in management and whom the public knows as a partner
secret partnerpartner active but unknown to public
dormant or sleeping partnerpartner unknown to public with no part in management

Section 6

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nominal partnerperson who pretends to be a partner
joint-stock companyentity that issues shares of stock, but investors have unlimited liability
joint venturebuisiness relationship similar to partnership, except existing for single transaction only
limited liability partnershipregistered partnership whose members run business but have limited liabilty
limited liabilitycapital contribution to maximum loss
piercing the corporate veilignoring the corporate entity