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Word of the Day, " Parola del Giorno",


"He breaks things down into their separate parts. 'But surely football,' I put it to him, 'like language, requires an element of Zen. The game has to play itself through you. Rather than controlling everything, you have to give yourself to it." di Tim Parks, "Un Stagione con Verona" "A Season With Verona, " 2002


Question Answer
il Tricolore
Inno di Mameli
"Fratelli d'Italia"

Language learning content on the web:

Verbs in the Gerund tense, Progressive Tenses (Stare + gerund)

Verbs in the Conditional Tense: (polite tense)

Verbs in the Imperative Tense: (present tense is the only tense of the imperative)

Imperativo (Imperative forms of common verbs and expressions)
Direction unit - Imperative forms (Imperative forms of common verbs)

Verbs in the Past Absolute Tense:


NB: Adjectives are often the Present Participle of the verb, with an ending similar to gerund, -anto, -ento (instead of -ando, -endo)


Italian 1includes days of the week, family terms, occupations
Italian Test2 ( nouns, adjectives, verb, phrases)
Italian 1 vocabulary (lots of nouns)


Word list 1 (grammatical terms)
Cognates: Parole simili these are words that are similar in two different languages, such as English and Italian, that derive from the same root language, Latin stems Keep in mind that some of the Italian infinitive forms and the adverbs will be familiar to English speakers, and should be easy to learn, but most will not be familiar or easy, unless you have a background in Latin or another cognate language, such as Spanish. There are also words that an English speaker would reasonably assume to be the correct word to use, but however, the Italians prefer to use another word to convey the same meaning as the English word, or the English word assumed to be a match actually means something different in Italian. These are called false cognates/friends or falsi amici and there are many, over 2000, see linked page. English speakers must practice these word so that they will be understood by Italian speakers.


Meanings and context: many words have more than one meaning, so it is important to link a word that is to be remembered with a context, where it was heard, the intonation used when it was spoken and what was being conveyed, so in that way, one word can be remembered and used in it's unique way based on this recall when encountering the word again.

Italian Vocabulary Words from readings:

Each list is organized into words of each grammatical type, ie, noun, verb, adverb, etc...
Word list 1 (grammatical terms)
Word List 2 (from a newpaper story from Conn. shooting story)
Word List 3 (Tim Parks)
Word List 4 ( Tim Parks)
Word List 6 interview with Melania Mazzucco
Word List 7 recipes
Word List 8 Luca Spaghetti

First Year online course: (video story of a family living in Brescia) well organized and lots of content
Question Answer
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Basic Beginning Vocabulary:

Italian Verbs with Pictures --------------------------------------------------------------------------- : lavorare



(Times of the Day) (Meeting and Greeting) ((Communicating) (Directions) (Relatives) (Parts of House, rooms and compenents)
    (Singular Nouns ) (Plural Nouns ) (Question Words (Interrogatives)) (Nouns) (Pronouns - Pronomi) (Verbs) (Numbers)


(Prepositions - preposizioni) (Express place, position, motion, and direction) ((THIS and THESE / THAT and THOSE - M/F)
(THAT ONE and THOSE (ONES) - M/F) (Food Stores - I negozi di generi alimentari - Part 1)


(Geography) , (Directions) , (Greetings) ( Parole Analoghe, ) ( Aggettivi, ) ( Verbi ) (Altri Parole ed Espressioni) (Cose utili)


( Parole Analoghe, ) ( Aggettivi, ) ( Verbi ) (Altri Parole ed Espressioni)

Expressions, phrases and idioms:

  (phrases used in everyday life):
Final misc. verbal phrases to add to your conversation
Ital Words ( sporting verbs, common verbs in present tense, phrases)


(describing someone's characteristics):


  (of time)


Sigle Abbreviations (politics)

Geography and Compass:

Geografia (continents)
website of Italians recounting travel: (has names of all of the places in the world)

Diversions...Media, Activities, Sports, Vacation:

Mezzi di diffusione Chapter 8 (Media: TV, newspapers, magazines,etc)
Unit 2 (lo sport)
Ital Words ( sporting verbs, common verbs in present tense, phrases)
website of Italians recounting travel: (ci sono stato;we have been there)

Related to eating, cooking, kitchen, dining, recipes:

Capitolo 5 (eating and naming food items)
frigolight (vocab in frigo) (online game for naming items in the fridge)

Agiculture, Food & Wine, Recipes, Restaurant reviews, etc.

Capitolo 5 -- Capitolo 6 -- (Al Ristorante) (Il Menu Italiano) (everything about Italian agriculture, pictures and explanations of all varieties of agg, animals, insects, pets,typical agg. products, etc.) (food, wine, restaurants)

The Family:

Unit 3 (la famiglia, il stato civile)

Stores - I negozi di generi alimentari

Business, office, computer related:

Unit 4 Vocab (computer related nouns-online-social media)

Counting and Numbers:

Colors, Alphabet, Nationalites of persons, etc..:

Italian Nationalities of people from other countries, Giapponese, Spagnola, etc...