Bulgarian Cyrillic Alphabet

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Bulgarian Cyrillic Alphabet

Memorize the Cyrillic alphabet and how their symbols are pronounced.

Cyrillic Alphabet

Question Answer
ah (vowel): a in car
buh; b in but
vuh; v in vulture
guh; g in gun
duh; d in done
eh (vowel); grey
zhuh; zh as in pleasure
zuh; z in zoo
ee (vowel); ee in see
ee krahtkoyeh (vowel); y in boy
kuh; k in kitten
ehl; l in lamp
ehm; m in my
ehn; n in not
aw; o in hot
puh; p in pot
ehr; trilled (like in scottish r)
ehs; like s in see
tuh; t in tip
oo; oo in boot
ehf; f in face
khah; ch in Scottish loch
tseh; ts in sits
chyuh; ch in chip
shuh; sh in shut
shtuh; sht like smashed
uh, like ugh
soft sound
yoo (vowel); u in duke
yah (vowel); ya in yard