Building forms

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<form>The action attribute contains the URL to which information included within the form will be sent for processing by the server. The method attribute is the HTTP method browsers should use to submit the form data. Both of these <form> attributes pertain to submitting and processing data.
date time url email number tell radio checkbox (select option) (select option multiple)types of forms
textarea The <textarea> element differs from the <input> element in that it can accept larger passages of text spanning multiple lines.
buttonUsers click the submit button to process data after filling out a form. The submit button is created using the <input> element with a type attribute value of submit. The value attribute is used to specify the text that appears within the button.
hidden input
file input
labelprovide captions, type, id
field set Fieldsets group form controls and labels into organized sections.
legendA legend provides a caption, or heading, for the <fieldset> element.
disablechange with disable by turning off
placeholderprovides a tip
requiredmakes them know they have too