Bugs and Drugs- Crozer

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Two best drugs to use for gram + bacteria (staph and strep)Ancef and Keflex
DOC for staph/strepAncef or Keflex
Alternate for staph/strep tx if pt has a PCN allergyClindamycin
DOC for MRSAVanco (IV) or Bactrim PO, linezolid, Bactroban topical
DOC for EnterococcusAmoxicillin
DOC for VRELinezolid or synercid
DOC for gram - bacteria tx3rd/4th gen cephalosporins
Alternate for gram - bugs if PCN allergyCipro (quinolone)
DOC for pseudomonasCipro (others- aztreonam, zosyn)
DOC for lyme's dzDoxycycline (amoxicillin-alternate)

Section 2

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Gram + anaerobe that is raquet shapedC. Perfringes
DOC for C. PerfringesPCN, imipenem, or clinda
DOC for bacteroidesZosyn, Unasyn, Augmentin
Alternate for bacteroidesPrimaxin, clinda/cipro combo
DOC for necrotizing fasciitisPrimaxin
DOC for superficial thrombophlebitisTimentin

Section 3

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Organisms that cause gas in soft tissueBECKS+
BECKS+Bacteroides, E.Coli, C. Perfringes, Klebsiella, Serratia, Peptostreptococcus
DOC for DM pt with PCN allergyClindamycin
DOC for dog and cat bites (pasteurella)Augmentin
Most common cause of cellulitisStrep (group A), sometimes staph
Difference between cellulitis and erysipelasCellulitis confined to superficial, erysipelas extends into lymphatic a
Tx for gonorrheaCeftriaxone
How long before getting a culture should you have the pt stop taking abx48 hours
Wound with golden yellow pusStaph
Wound with musty odorStaph
Wound with poopy smellGram -
Wound that is red/erythematous/cellulitisStrep
Wound that is wet/wateryGram -
Purple color woundMRSA
Two filamentous bacteriaActinomyces and Nocardia (acid fast)