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EnterobacteriaeceaGram NegativeBacilliAerobic/FacultativeAntiphagocytic, K (capsule), O (LPS), H (Flagella), Siderphores, antiphagocyitc, Endotoxin LPS (stimlates TNF and IL1 to induce fever and hypotension), Exotoxin, CytoxinsDiarrhea, Pneumonia, Meningitis, UTI'srehydrate with liquid and electrolytesfeces to mouth
Enterobacteriaecea CitrobacterGram NegativeBacilliFacultative AnaerobeOpportunistic (All other virulence factors for Enterobacteriaecea still apply)UTIs, Meningitis, Neonatal Meningitis, SepsisTreatmentSpread
Enterobacteriaecea Proteus MirabilisGram NegativeBacilliFacultative AnaerobeUrease Production, Flagella Swarmers (All other virulence factors for Enterobacteriaecea still apply)UTIs and Kidney StonesTreatmentSpread
Enterobacteriaecea E. coliGram NegativeBacilliFacultative AnaerobeP Fimbrae, PAP, PapG, High Inoculum, (All other virulence factors for Enterobacteriaecea still apply)Gasroenteritis Diarrhea (watery/inflammed), UTIs (cystitis, pyelonephritis, urosepsis)TreatmentSpread
Enteropathogenic E. Coli EnterobacteriaeceaGram NegativeBacilliFacultative AnaerobeO127 antigen, Bundle Forming Pilus, T3Secretory System, **Tir to Intigrin to Actin polymerizationInfantile DiarrheaTreatmentSpread
Enterotoxigenic E. Coli EnterobacteriaeceaGram NegativeBacilliFacultative AnaerobeColonizing Fimbrae (CFAI-III), Plasmid Enterotoxin, Heat Labile Enterotoxin LT1, Heat Stabile Enterotoxin Sta
**LT1 is an AB toxin that increases adenyl cyclase to increase Cl secretion
Traveler's Diarrhea, Watery Diarrhea, Infantile DiarrheaTreatmentDeveloping Countries Food/Water
Enteroinvasive E. Coli EnterobacteriaeceaGram NegativeBacilliAerobic/FacultativeEnterotoxinWatery/Secretory DiarrheaTreatmentSpread
Shigella E. Coli EnterobacteriaeceaGram NegativeBacilliFacultativeO157, Shigella AB Toxin (StxI/II), Sorbitol Negative
**AB-Toxin Stx functions to inhibit cellular protein synthesis
Inflammatory (bloody) Diarrhea, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (renal failure), Hemorrhagic Collitis (abdominal pain/bloody stool)TreatmentUndercooked food/meats
Nisseria GonorroheaGram NegativeDiplococciAerobicPili, Rmp, Porin, Opa, LOS, IgA Protease

Catalase Positive
Oxidase Positive
Rectal GC, Pharyngeal GC< Uncomplicated Urogenital Infection, Gonococcal Urethritis (males), Gonococcoal Cervititis (Females), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Disseminated Gonococcal Infection (ass. with arhtritis and dermatitis), Perinatal Transmission (eye)CephalosporinSexual Contact
Nisseria MenigitidisGram NegativeDiplococciAerobicPilli, Rmp, Porin, Opa, LOS, IgA Protease

Catalase Positive
Oxidase Positive
Transient Bacteremia (fever, malaise), Meningococcemia (body rashes, shock, tissue necrosis), Meningitis, Fulminant Meningococcemia (Organ failure, Water-F Syndrome, Adrenal Hemorrhage)Treatment:

Respiratory Droplets/Nasopharynx
PseudomonasGram NegativeBacillusAerobicExotoxin A, Elastases, Exoenzymes S/U/T, Pili, Alginate, Flagella, Cytochrome Oxidase Positive

Pulmonary Infections, Burn Wound Infections, Ottis Externea, Osteochondrititis (nail puncture wound), Folliculitis, Cornea Infection, Bacteremia, Ecthyma GangrenosumUbiqutous to water, soil, plants, animalsDrug Resistant (immunocompromised patients and cystic fibrosis patients are most at risk)
Staphylococcus AeurusGram PositiveStaphylococcusAerobicEnterotoxin, Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin, MSCRAMM, Protein A, Catalase Positive, Coagulase positive, Hemoylsins, Leukocidins, Collagen, ExofoliaseEndocarditis, Pulmonary Infection, Septic Arthritis, Septic Arthritis, UTI'sPerson to person, direct contact

Vancomycin preferred