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Pharmaceutical Buffer SelectionShould be inert relative to the other components of the preparation.
Pharmaceutical Buffer SelectionDoes not: – Participate in redox reactions – Alter solubility of other components – Form complexes with other ingredients – Participate in acid-base reactions other than those required as part of their buffer action
Pharmaceutical Buffer SelectionShould exhibit reasonably chemical stability – Volatile species should be avoided (CO2 or NH3) – Alkali buffers should be protected from CO2
Pharmaceutical Buffer Selection Desired pH and buffer capacity
Pharmacological properties of the buffer systemBorate buffers exhibit toxicity when administered systemically
Pharmaceutical Buffer SelectionProtection against microbial growth
Standard buffer systemsdesigned to provide a solution having a specific pH for analytical purposes
Actual pharmaceutical buffersdesigned to maintain pH limits in drug preparations.

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Standard Buffer Systems Definite pH, pH ranges from 1.2 to 10.0
Primary Buffer Solutions– HCl Buffer – Acid Phthalate Buffer – Neutralized Phthalate Buffer – Phosphate Buffer – Alkaline Borate Buffer – Acetate Buffer
Actual Buffer SystemsDesigned to maintain pH limits
Sorensen Phosphate Buffer (pH = 5.9 to 8.0)A phosphate buffer system modified with NaCl to make it isotonic with physiological fluid. – Modified Phosphate Buffer System