Budget 2018

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average growth in first three years7.5 %
indian economy today2.5 Trillion dollar
WB's ease of doing business rank100
Saubhagya Yojna household are being provided with electricity connections4 crore (Rs 16,000 crore )
year 2016-17 we achieved a record food grain production of around275 million tonnes
We will develop and upgrade existing rural haats into Gramin Agricultural Markets (GrAMs)22,000
Agri-Market Infrastructure Fund with a corpus of 2000 crore
operation green500 crore
bamboo mission1290 crore


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(AHIDF) for financing infrastructure requirement of animal husbandry sector and FAIDF fishery aqua Total Corpus would be10,000 crore.
volume of institutional credit for agriculture sector11 lakh crore
Prime Minister’s Ujjwala Scheme to make poor women free from the smoke of wood free LPG connections to about8 crore poor women
pm awas yojana houses in 2017 - 201851 lakh
SHG75,000 crore
NRLM5750 crore
Prime Minister Krishi Sinchai Yojna- Har Khet ko Pani2600 crore
rural infrastructure 2018-19, for creation of livelihood and infrastructure in rural areas14.34 lakh crore,
Allocation on National Social Assistance Programme this year has been kept at9975 crore.
Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE) by 2022’’ with a total investment of1,00,000 crore
national health policy1200 crore
national health protection sceme10 crore family *5 members =50 crore
TB600 crore (500rs / month)


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PMJJBY 2 LAKH cover premium is330/annum
PMSBY 2LAKH cover premium12/annum
sukanya samridhi account deposits19183 crore
namami ganga 187 projects16713 crore
budgetary expenditure on health, education and social protection 1.38 lakh crore
MSMe3794 crore
paid maternity leave26 week
Employee Provident Fund (EPF) for new employees by the Government for three years8.33%
EPF for new employees for three years by the Government in sectors employing large number of people like textile, leather and footwear12%
textile sector7148 crore
smart city2.04 lakh crore


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AMRUT water supply 500 cities77,640 crore
bharatmala phase1 35,000km 5.35lakh crore
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railway budget 2018-191.48 lakh crore
mumbai rail11,000 crore
bangluru rail17,000 crore
digital india3073 crore
establishment of an indigenous 5G Test Bed at IIT, Chennai.
ONGC is accuired byHPCL
exchage traded fund Bharat 2214,500 crore
disinvestment target of `for 2018-1980,000 crore