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group of muscles acting as a pound unitssynergies
resting posturesshoulder ADD, elbow Flex, Pron, wrist/digit flex
motor recovery processno one is same, few make full recovery, speed varies, motor recover can stop, recovery of hand doesnt always coinside with arm
types of graspgross, hook, lateral, palmer, spherical, cylindrical
movements seen on hemiplegic side from forcefull movements can initiate same synergiesassociated reactions
bed positioningcomfrotable; lay supine with pillow under elbow
bed mobiity turn toaffected side
shoulder subsSITS, slings dont activtate muscles necessary
what type of context occupation

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arm stages 1-2palpate; facilitory
arm 2-3facilitory
arm 3-4 switch tone goes down; add inhibitory (flex) facility is extend
arm 4-5stage5 can go both ways voluntarily
arm 5-6 add more complex funcitonal movement; keep inhibitory

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hand 2-3keep facilitating flexion on anterior (hook)
hand 3-4stimulate posterior; switch; work having thumb in/out
hand 4-5can release bigger objects; thumb come back mroe
hand 5-6work on stimulation/movement of finger