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Question Answer
Wellness WrapScramb egg whites, sauteed spinach, roasty red bell peps, feta, spinach tortilla, side of fruit
fruit boatcantaloupe, strawberry or grapes, watermelon, orange, pineapple, honeydew
yogurt parfaitlowfat vanilla yog, granola, strawberries, blueberries
greek parfaitlowfat greek yogurt, granola, almonds, banana,honey
old fashioned oatmealoats, raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, milk FR prepares oats and milk both 6 oz
huevos rancheroscorn tortilla, 2 eggs over med, ranchero sauce, guac, cotija, side of rice and beans/ can be vegetarian without rice. FR guac on side, 3 tortillas
huevos con chorizochorizo, 2 scramby eggs, salsa, cotija with a side of rice and beans FR salsa and tortillas
machaca2 scramb eggs, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, shredded beef, salsa, cotija side of beans and rice FR salsa on side
breakfast quesadillaflour tortilla, jack and cheddar, black beans, beef chorizo, 2 scramb eggs, salsa FR salsa
chicken enchiladacorn tortillas, shredded chicken, jack cheese, side of rice and beans comes with red or green sauce
chilaquilestortilla chips, jack, red onion, sour cream, cotija, side of rice and beans comes with red or green sauce. Can upsell 2 eggs or shredded chicky
california breakfast burritoscrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar, home fries, avocado, flour tortilla, salsa, cotija side of rice and beans FR salsa on side
fiesta burritoscrambled eggs, onion, bell pep, tomato, shredded beef, cheddar, tortilla, salsa verde, sour cream, salsa, avo, cilantro, green onion
baja breakfast tacocorn tortilla, chorizo, scrambled eggs, avo, salsa, cotija side of beans and rice FR salsa on side
TJ tacos3 corn tortilla, cilantro, onion, guac, salsa, cotija, 3 lime wedges, side of rice and beans. chicken or carne FR guac and salsa
eggs bennyenglish muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, canadian bacon, cilantro, paprika FR hollan, cilantro, paprika
Golden state bennyenglish muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, grilled tomato, avo, apple bacon, sriracha, cilantro paprika FR hollandaise, cilantro, sriracha, paprika
western bennyenglish muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, turkey, avo, cilantro, paprika FR hollandaise, cilantro, paprika
country bennyenglish muffin, poached eggs, pork sausage patties, gravy, parsley, paprika FR parsley and paprika
border bennypoached eggs, carne, corn cakes, pablano sauce, sliced seranos
eggs florentineenglish muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise, spinach, cilanrto paprika FR hollan, cilatro, paprika
Mile high omeletham, bell pep, onion, american cheese
27 mile south omeletchorizo, avo, tomato, oion, salsa FR salsa
john wayne omeletmushroom, onion, american cheese, chili
no name omeletbacon, avo, tomato, mushroom, sour cream FR sour cream
californianbacon, homefries, american cheese, sour cream FR sour cream
SBA omeletspinach, bacon, asparagus, cheddar
rancher omeletbacon, homefries, bell pep, toato, green onion, FR sour cream
jack of heartsbacon, artichoke, jack cheese FR sour cream
border check omeletchorizo, jalapeno, jack,FR salsa and guac
cisco kid omeletortega chilies, jack FR guac sour cream
Duncan Renaldochorizo, ortega chiles, american cheese FR guac
Mom Omeletavo, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, alfalfa sprouts, FR sour cream and salsa. this is vegetarian
tony G specialegg white, mushroom, black olives, water chestnuts, green onion, tomato, bell pepper
broken yolk omelet challengedozen eggs, mushrooms, onions, american cheese, chili, homefries, 2 biscuit. no subs
new york steak and eggs8 oz steak, 2 eggs, choice of side and bread
chicken fried steak and eggs6oz beef patty, breaded and fried, country gravy, 2 eggs, choice of side and bread
bettys southern biscuits and gravybiscuit, gravy choice of side and choice of 2 bacon or sausage
monte cristoham, swiss, 2 french toasts, powdered sugar, choice of side FR pow sugar
sun up breakfast sandwich2 fried eggs over hard, apple bacon, american cheese, sourdough bread, choice of side
premier breakfast2 eggs, choice of ham steak, 2 canadian bacon, 2 pork chops, ground beef patty, italian sausage, corned beef hash
ham scramby2 scrams and chopped ham
2 egg2 eggs choice of bread and side
stuffed french toast2 french toast, mascarpone cheese, banana slices, caramel sauce, powdered sugar
french toast3 pieces of french toast, powdered sugar, strawberries, blueberries, caramel sauce, coconut, FR strawbs on side
chicken and wafflebelgian waffle, powdered sugar, add on: bacon, sausage, or 1 egg FR butter
strawb or banana wafflepowdered sugar, add on: bacon, sausage or 1 egg FR strawbs or sliced banana whip cream no butter
pancakesshort stack is 2 full stack is 3 FR butter
flavored pancakeschoice of blue, banana, chocolate chips FR powdered sugar and butter
multi grain pancakesFR whipped butter
sweet potato pancakeFR whipped cream and cinnamon
gluten free pancakesFR butter
nutella crepes3 crepes, nutella, can have banana or strawbs FR butter and powdered sugar
club sandwichturkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo on white wheat rye or sourdough
gaslamp sandwichturkey, provolone, avo, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, mayo
bltbacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, can add avo
veggie sandwichavo, alfalfa, jack lettuce, tomato, mayo on whole wheat
chipotle chicken sandwichcrispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, avo, jack, chipotle mayo, brioche bun
california chicken clubchicken, bacon, jack, guac, lettuce, tomato, mayo, brioche bun
tuna melttuna salad, jack, on sourdough
ruebencorned beef, saurkraut, swiss, thousand island on rye bread
patty melt downground beef, sauteed onion, american cheese, rye bread
southwestern chicken wrapdiced chicken, avo, black bean, corn, red and green bell peps, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo, tomato basil tortilla
chicken caesar wrapdiced chicken, parmesan, romaine, caesar dressing, spinach tortilla
turkey wrapturkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, avo, alfalfa sprouts, spinach tortilla
old reliable burgeramerican cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo
wild west burgerapple bacon, onion rings, bbq sauce, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo
solana beach burgerapple bacon, jack, lettuce, tomato, mayo
good morning burger2 fried eggs over medium, apple bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo
soup salad sandwich combo1 half of a tuna, turkey, grilled cheese or BLT/ 1 cup of tomato basil or chicken veggie soup/ 1 house, very berry, or caesar salad. FR prepares soup and house salad
grilled chicken caesar saladchicken, romaine, caesar dressing, tomato, parmesan, croutons. tossed
crispy chicken saladcrispy chicken, romaine, tomato, cheddar, bacon bits, hard boiled egg, honey mustard dressing on the side
cobb saladiceberg, turkey, bacon, avo, green onions, hard boiled egg, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, choice of dressing on side
very berry saladmixed spring greens, goat cheese, carmalized walnuts, strawbs, rasbery walnut vin. can add chicken/ tossed
house salad2oz mixed greens, 1oz carrots, 4 wedges of tomato, 2oz croutons with choice of dressing on the side. FR makes salad
homemade chicken veggie soupin cup or bowl with 2 crackers FR ask for chicken, put bowl on plate with spoon and 2 crackers
fresh tomato basil soupchoice of cup or bowl FR put on plate with spoon and 2 crackers
homemade chilichili in cup or bowl, american cheese, onions .FR put on plate with 2 crackers and soup spoon

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