British Stratigraphy dates and ages

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Question Answer
Age of the Earth4567Ma
Age of the Moon~4500Ma
Age of the oldest Zircon4404±8Ma
Age of the oldest rocks4031±3Ma
Occurance of the Late Heavy Bombardment3850±50Ma
Age of the oldest sedimentary rocks~3810-3800Ma
Oldest macrofossils 3940Ma
Period of most rapid crustal growth 2420Ma
Age of the oldest glaciogenic deposits 2420-2220Ma
Occurance of the Great Oxidation Event ~2350Ma
Appearance of first Eukaryotes 2770Ma
Appearance of first multicellular organisms ~2000Ma
Age of Columbia supercontinent 2000-1780Ma
Age of Rodinia supercontinent 1100-900Ma
Age of the oldest British rocks (Lewisian Complex)~3100Ma
Age of the Badcallian event ~2700Ma
Age of the Iverian event ~2500Ma
Age of the Gaskiers glaciation~582Ma
Arcadian Orogeny ~405Ma
Age of the Marinoan glaciation 650-635Ma
Age of the Sturtian glaciation 717-660Ma
Age of the Bitter Springs anomaly ~800Ma
Deposition of the Dalradian Supergroup ~750-700Ma
Age that the Iapetus Ocean started to open825-720Ma
Age of the Grampian Orogeny475-460Ma
Age that the Iapetus Ocean started to close~430Ma
Age of the Scandian Orogeny ~435-425Ma
Major phases of movement on the Great Glen Fault 428Ma and 410Ma
Age of the intrusion of the Newer Granites ~430-408Ma
Age of the base of the Cambrian541.0Ma
Age of the Tonian 850-720Ma
Age of the Cryogenian 720-635Ma
Age of the Ediacaran 635-541.0Ma
Age of the Cambrian 541.0-485.4Ma
Age of the Ordovician 485.4-443.8Ma
Age of the Silurian 443.8-419.2Ma
Age of the Charnian Supergroup~570-550Ma
Age of the Herefordshire nodules 433.4-427.4Ma
Age of the Permian/Triassic boundary252.2Ma
Appearance of the first Dinosaurs 237.0-228.4Ma
Age of the boundary between the Mesozoic and Cenozoic 66.0Ma
When did ice sheets start to develop on Antarctica?~35Ma
Age of the main phase of magmatism in the Hebridean 61-56Ma
Age of the start of the Quaternary 2.58Ma
Age of the origin of Homo genus ~2.33Ma
Age of the Anglian glaciation ~450Ka
Age of the start of the Holocene 11.7Ka
First appearance of Homo sapiens in Europe ~45K
Age of the origin of Homo sapiens ~250Ka
Age of the LGM~35 - 22Ka
Age of the Windermere Interstadial14.7Ka
Start of the Younger Dryas 12.9Ka
Age of the Storegga Slide8.15Ka

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