British State and People, 1865 - 1915

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1868Second Reform ActConservative
1869Irish Church ActLiberal
1870First Land ActLiberal
1870Forster's Education ActLiberal
1870Cardwell's Army ReformsLiberal
1871The University Tests ActLiberal
1871Civil Service ReformLiberal
1871Irish Coercion ActLiberal
1871Trade Union ActLiberal
1871Criminal Law Amendment ActLiberal
1872Secret Ballot ActLiberal
1872Public Health ActLiberal
1872Licensing ActLiberal
1874Factory ActConservative
1875Public Health ActConservative
1875Artisans' Dwelling ActConservative
1875Conspiracy and Protection of Property ActConservative
1876Employers and Workmen ActConservative
1876Sandon's Education ActConservative
1876Enclosures ActConservative
1876Sale of Food and Drugs ActConservative
1876Merchant Shipping ActConservative
1876Royal Titles ActConservative
1878Factory ActConservative
1880Repeal of the Malt TaxLiberal
1881Irish Coercion ActLiberal
1881Second Land ActLiberal
1881A J Mundella's Education ActLiberal
1882Married Women's Property ActLiberal
1882Irish Coercion ActLiberal
1882Irish Arrears ActLiberal
1883Corrupt Practices ActLiberal
1884Franchise Act (Third Reform Act)Liberal
1885Redistribution ActLiberal
1885Lord Ashbourne's (Irish Land) ActConservative
1886First Home Rule BillLiberal
1887Crimes Act (Ireland)Conservative
1887Labourer's Allotment ActConservative
1887Mines Regulation ActConservative
1888Local Government ActConservative
1890Tithe ActConservative
1891Ireland Land Purchase ActConservative
1891Factory ActConservative
1891Fee Grant ActConservative
1893Second Home Rule BillLiberal
1894Local Government Act (Parish Councils Act)Liberal
1897Workmen's Compensation ActConservative
1899Colonial Loans ActConservative
1902Balfour's Education ActConservative
1905Unemployed Workmen ActConservative
1906Workmen's Compensation ActLiberal
1906Merchant Shipping ActLiberal
1906Trade Disputes ActLiberal
1906 - 8The Children's CharterLiberal
1907Private member bill to give women the vote (failed)
1908 Private member bill to give women the vote (failed)
1908OAP ActLiberal
1908Mines ActLiberal
1909Private member bill to give women the vote (failed)
1909House of Lords budget rejection
1909Trade Boards ActLiberal
1910Housing and Town Planning ActLiberal
1911Private member bill to give women the vote (failed)
1911Parliament ActLiberal
1911Payment of MPsLiberal
1911Shops ActLiberal
1911National Insurance ActLiberal
1912Plural Voting BillLiberal
1913Trade Union ActLiberal
1915Defence of the Realm ActLiberal
1918Representation of the People ActLiberal/Conservative