British Society (1975-90)

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In 1979 7.1 million were employed in manufacturing, what was this number in 1990?5 Million
How much did the population of London increase between 1975 and 1990?600 000
For how many consecutive years, in the 1980's, were over 3 million people unemployed?5 Years
What happened to the population between 1975 and 1978?It fell
When did Bangladesh breakaway from Pakistan?1974
What was the Brick Lane area of London known as?'Bangla Town'
What was the Asian population of Bradford by the late 1970's?Almost 50 000
What became active in areas of London such as Brick Lane and Southall?The National Front
When was the Immigration Act passed?1981
What industries were heavily dependent on workers from abroad?Transport, Hospitals, and Hotels
How did Asians from the sub-continent and Hong Kong contribute to local communities?Restraunts and Corner Shops
n 1979 the number of individuals owning stocks and shares was 3 million, what was this in 1990?9 Million
What aroused the hostility of those working in the public-sector?The enterprise culture
Which unions represnting public-sector workers became more militant?the COSHE and NUPE
When did teachers unions, not normally associated with unrest, begin a lengthy dispute over working conditions?the mid-1980's
By 1988, how many homeowners had taken advantage of the right-to-buy scheme?Approximately 2 Million
Rather than building new council housing, what were councils ordered to use the profits from 'right-to-buy' for?Reducing debts
Due to lack of housing, were some families expensively, inconviently, placed?Emergeny B&B Accomodation
In 1977, employes at which Warrington based company fought a bittery struggle against an employer determined to exclude union members?Grunwick Photographic Laboratories
Which press baron tried to supress the power of the print-unions?Rupert Murdoch
Where wen was Murdochs confrontation that precipitated a dissapearance of Fleet Streets monopoly over newspaper production?Wapping Plant in 1986
Why did workers find their traditional skills not in demand?Mechanisation and Flexible Working Hours
What were long-term consequences of the erosion of working-class communities?ill-health, depression, alcoholism, and drugs
In 1979 200 000 people were employed in the coal industry, what was this figure by 1990?60 000
By the 1980's, oil/gas/'clean' nuclear power, supplying Britain's energy needs rather than 'dirty' coal, what percentage of Britain's energy was supplied by 'King Coal' in the mid-1980's?20%
How many Nottinghamshire miners broke away?30 000
What did Scargillites label the Nottinghamshire miners as?'scabs' and 'traitors'
What did the Scarman Report find?'racial disadvantage is a fact of British life'
Where was the rioting and violent attacks on the police in 1985?Brixton and Tottenham
Who was killed on Broadwater Farm estate, during the Tottenham Riots?PC Blakelock
In 1985, where were the fatal incidents which made football hooliganism a major, national issue?Brussels and Birmingham
Which 1985 CoE document did Thathcher percieve as 'interfering in politics'?'Faith and the city'
Which Liverpudlain Catholic and Anglican bishops campaigned throughout the 1980's for social cohesion and action to help the poor?Derek Worlock and David Sheppard
Which group switched from non-violence to ecoterrorism in 1982?The Animal Liberation Front
Through what means did the ALF protest?Arson attacks on pharmactutical companies that tested on animals, and letter-bombs to public figures such as Mrs Thatcher
Support for which two environmenal groups increased?Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth
Where and when did the 'Greenham women' set-up a protest against nuclear weapons?RAF Greenham Common in Berkshire, September 1981
For who long did the Greenham Women's camp, a focus for pacifism and feminism, remain?19 Years
When did Newbury local council demolish the 'Greenham women' camp forcing them to rebuild it?1984
In April 1983, new cruis-missiles were expected to arrive at Aldermaston, how long was the human chain against it?14-miles
When were cruise-missiles shipped back to the United States following a new treaty on the limitation of intermediate nuclear weapons?1991
What caused the collapse of the Conservatives in the 1990 opinion polls?The unpopularity of the poll-tax
Which group established the Anti Poll-Tax federation in November 1989?the Militant Tendency
On 31 March 1990, 60 000 people were expected to turn-up at an Anti-Poll Tax demonstration in 1990; how many actually did so?Between 200 000 and 250 000
How many people were injured during the Poll-Tax riots?5 000
How many people were arrested during the Poll-Tax riots?Over 300
Similarities were drawn between the Poll-Tax riot and which earlier event?The 1984 Battle of Orgreave
Which playwrights attacked a culture of selfishness and greed which they felt was engendered by Thatcherism?David Hare and Howard Brenton
What television program by Alan Bleasdale contained a sympathetic view of hard-pressed workers?"Boys from the black stuff"

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