British Society (1964-75)

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What did Social-Conservatives perceive social-liberalisation as?A 'breakdown in morality'
A changing Britain meant which 'new' political parties gained support?Liberals, and nationalist parties in Scotland, Nothern Ireland, and Wales
Which year contained many protest demonstrations? 1968
What was amongst the extra-parliamentary groups which came to prominence in the period?Shelter and Oxfam
What movement began to take off over this period?Environmental Hour
What three factors affected patterns of population growth and movement in Britain?The continued influx of immigrants, the shift of the population to new housing developments and council estates, and the growth of transport
In 1951 the population of Britain was 50 million, what was this figure by 1975?56 million
There was no year-on-year increases in population in the 1970's, over what period did the population begin to fall?1975 to 1978
In 1951 the Caribbean population was 28 000, what was this figure by 1971?548 000
In 1951 the Indian population was 31 000, what was this figure by 1971 and 1991?375 000 and 840 000
In 1951 the Pakistani population was 10 000, what was this figure by 1971 and 1991?119 000 and 477 000
In 1951 the Bangladeshi population was 2 000, what was this figure by 1971 and 1991?2 000 and 23 000
What was set-up in order to implement Wilson's attempts to outlaw race discrimination?The Race Relations Board
When did the influx of Kenyan Asians prompt the government to pass a new Commonwealth Immigration Act, limiting the right of non-white Commonwealth citizens to return to Britain?February 1968
What prompted Enoch Powell to make his 'rivers of blood' speech in April 1968?The arrival of Kenyan Asians
Following Powell's speech, there was a protest march in Downing Street, and what London workmen went on strike?dockers and meat porters
A Gallup Poll found what amount of people support Powell?75%
What did the Heath government issue in 1971?A New Immigration Act
What was the name given to the Vietnamese immigrants of the earl 1970's?The 'Boat People'
Why did Kenyan Asians begin to flock to Britain - 1 000 a month - in 1968?Jomo Kenyatta enforced a policy of Africanisation, denying rights to the Asian minority
Under the 1968 quote only 3 000 Uganda Asians were allowed to come to Britain in a year, but the Ugandan Resettlement Board meant how many arrived?28 000
In which cities did the Ugandan Asians mostly settle?Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford and London
Leicester became a model for multi-ethnic integration, how many jobs is it estimated that immigrants created in the city?30 000
In 1970 a record 11 working days were lost through strike, how many were lost in 1972, 1974, and 1979?24, 15, and 29
What radical tactics were used by younger, more radical strikers?Flying Pickets
In 1955, there was an output of 221.6 million tonnes of coal, what was this figure in 1968, 1976, and 1986?170.9, 123.8, and 104.5
In 1955, 695 000 people worked in the coal industry, what was this figure in 1968, 1976, and 986?391 900, 247 100, and 154 600
In 1955 there were 850 coal pits in Britain, what was this figure in 1968, 1976, and 1986?378, 241, and 133
Restrictions during the three-day week included fuel rationing, cuts in heating and lighting of public building, but what was they speed limit reduced to ?50 MPH
What did industry laying off workers during the three-day week create?A huge surge in those signing up for temporary unemployment benefits
Where did huge anti-war protests in 1968 take place?Outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square
What new word began to enter the vocabulary as part of the environmentalist movement?'Ecology'
Which book written by American biologist Rachel Carson in 1962 noted the decline in birds and wildlife in the farming countryside?Silent Spring
What pesticide did people think was overused in the farming countryside?DDT
What was organised in 1963 to campaign against the cruelty of fox hunting?the Hunt Saboteurs
When was the name of the oil-tanker which spilt in 1967 and polluted a stretch of coastline on the south-west of England?Torrey Canyon
Which campaigning book, by Paul Ehrlich in 1967, highlighted the dangers of a growing population?The Population Bomb
Which two environmental groups came to the UK is 1971 and 1977 respectively?Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace
When did animal rights protesters begin in 1973?Violent attacks on pharmaceutical laboratories
When was the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) formed, and when did it send a letter-bomb to Margaret Thatcher?1976 and 1984
When did David Attenborough's "life on earth series" begin?1979
Who invented the Gaia theory which believed in the interconnectedness all ecological theories?James Lovelock

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