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British Governor and Work

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Question Answer
Fort William of CalcuttaRobert Clive
City of Calcutta Job Charnock
First Governor of BengalRobert Clive
mixed colony systemAlbuquerque
the bluewater policyDon Francisco de’Almedia
First French GovernorFrancois Martin
Dual governmentRobert Clive
First Mysore warRobert Clive
Second Mysore warWarren Hastings
Third Mysore warLord Cornwallis
Fourt Mysore warLord Wellesley
Subsidiary Alliance SystemLord Wellesley
Permanent Revenue SettlementLord Cornwallis
Ryotwari SystemThomas Munro (Lord Hastings time)
Mahalwari SystemWilliam Bentinck
Quinquennial settlementWarren Hastings
Third Anglo Burmese WarLord Duferin
Asiatic Society of BengalWilliam Jones
Abolished the Dual GovernmentWarren Hastings
Impeached GovernorWarren Hastings
First Governor General of BengalWarren Hastings
First Maratha warWarren Hastings
Muhammedan Madrasa in CalcuttaWarren Hastings
Police systemLord Cornwallis
Sindh AnnexationLord Ellenborough
Punjab AnnexationLord Delhousie
Bengali TigerLord Wellesley
Madras presidencyLord Wellesley
second Maratha warLord Wellesley
treaty of AmritsarLord Minto
Gorkhar war (Nepali war)Lord Hastings
First Governor General of IndiaWilliam Bentinck
Benevolent Governor GeneralWilliam Bentinck
Banned practice of Sati, Suppressed Tughi William Bentinck
Made English to be the court language William Bentinck
Liberator of PressCharles Metcalfe
Afghan warLord Auckland
Slavery AbolishedLord Ellenborough
Woods DespatchLord Dalhousie
Hindu RemarriageLord Dalhousie
recruitment of CivilService by competitive examinationLord Dalhousie
Introduction of Civil serviceLord Cornwallis
Doctrine of LapseLord Dalhousie
Railways started in IndiaLord Dalhousie
Post and TelegraphLord Dalhousie
English Education in IndiaLord William Bentinck
Vernacular Press Act (1878)Lord Lytton
Arms Act (1878)Lord Lytton
Local Self Government (1882)Lord Rippon
Partition of Bengal (1905)Lord Curzon
Rowlatt Act (1914)Lord Chelmsford
Simon Commission (1928)Lord Irwin
Sepoy Mutiny (1857)Lord Canning
Queens Proclamation (1858)Lord Canning
Factory Act (1881)Lord Ripon
Repeal of Vernacular Press Act (1881)Lord Ripon
Indian councils Act/Minto -Morley Reforms (1909)Lord Minto II
Partition of Bengal revoked (1911)Lord Hardinge II
Transfer Capital to Delhi (1911)Lord Hardinge II
Dyarchy in province (1919)Lord Chelmsford
Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy (1919)Lord Chelmsford
Non co-operationLord Chelmsford
Poorna Swaraj resolution (Lahore 1929)Lord Irwin
Frist Round Table Conference (1930)Lord Irwin
Gandhi Irwin Pact (1931) Lord Irwin
Communal Award (1932)Lord Wellington
Poona Pact (1932)Lord Wellington
2nd Round Table Conference(1931)Lord Wellington
3rd Round Table Conference (1932)Lord Wellington
Separate Electorates (1932)Lord Wellington
Government of India Act (1935)Lord Wellington
Provincial Autonomy (1937) Lord Linlithgow
Cripps Mission (1942)Lord Linthgow
Quit India MovementLord Linlithgow
Cabinet Mission (1946)Lord Wavell
INA Trial (1945)Lord Wavell
Indian Independence Act 1947Lord Mountbatten
Partition of India (1947)Lord Mountbatten
Regulating Act of 1773Warren Hastings
Supreme Council of BengalWarren Hastings
Stopped Mughal pension to Shah Alam IIWarren Hastings
Moved Treasury from Murshidabad to CalcuttaWarren Hastings
Bengal Gazette- First Indian newspaper publishedWarren Hastings
First Rohilla War of 1773–1774Warren Hastings
Ring fence policyWarren Hastings
Second Rohilla War 1779Warren Hastings
English Translation of Bhagwat GitaWarren Hastings
Second Anglo-Mysore warWarren Hastings
Sanskrit Vidyalaya at BenaresJohnathan Duncan (Lord Cornwallis)
Policy of Non-interventionJohn Shore
Charter Act of 1793John Shore
Fort William College at CalcuttaLord Wellesley
Charter Act of 1813Lord Minto
Ended the policy of Non-interventionLord Hastings
Third Anglo-Maratha War (1816-1818)Lord Hastings
Treaty of SugauliLord Hastings
Creation of Bombay Presidency in 1818Lord Hastings
Hindu College (Presidency University) at Calcutta (1817)Lord Hastings
The Pindari War (1817-1818)Lord Hastings
General Committee of Public Instruction(1823)Lord Hastings
First Anglo-Burmese War (Treaty of Yandabo)Lord Amherst
Kamagata Maru incidentLord Hardinge
Medical College and Hospital, KolkataWilliam Bentinck
First Anglo Afghan War(1840-1842)Lord Auckland
First Anglo-Sikh War(Treaty of Lahore)Henry Hardinge
Hindu Girls’ SchoolBethune (Henry Hardinge)
Second Anglo-Burmese WarLord Dalhousie
Second Anglo-Sikh WarLord Dalhousie
Engineering College at RoorkeeLord Dalhousie
System of BudgetLord Canning
Universities of Calcutta, Bombay and MadrasLord Canning
Indigo Revolt (1859-60)Lord Canning
Withdrawal of the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ (1859)Lord Canning
Wahabi MovementLord Elgin
policy of masterly inactivity (non-interference in Afghanistan)Sir John Lawrence
highcourts in Calcutta Bombay and Madras (1865)Sir John Lawrence
Santhal Rebellion (1855)Lord Dalhousie
Bhutan War (1864-65)John Lawrence
Shimla as India's summer capitalJohn Lawrence
First Assassinated in indiaLord Mayo
First Census (1871)Lord Mayo
Second Anglo-Afghan WarLord Lytton
1st Delhi DurbarLord Lytton
Queen Victoria assumed title 'Empress of India'Lord Lytton
Ilbert BillLord Ripon
Father of local self-governmentLord Ripon
Formation of Indian National CongressLord Dufferin
Third Anglo-Burmese WarLord Dufferin
2st Delhi DurbarLord Curzon
Indian Home Rule Movement (1916)Lord Chelmsford
Lucknow PactLord Chelmsford
Rowlatt Act (1919)Lord Chelmsford
Jallianwalla Bagh MassacreLord Chelmsford
Non-cooperation movement (1921-22)Lord Reading
Chauri Chaura incidentLord Reading
Simon Commission (1928)Lord Irwin
Nehru Report (1928)Lord Irwin
Death of Lala Lajpat Rai (1928)Lord Irwin
Fourteen Points of Jinnah (1929)Lord Irwin
Purna Swaraj declaration (1930)Lord Irwin
Christian ViceroyLord Irwin
Portfolio SystemLord Canning
Establishment of Famine CommissionLord Curzon
Salt March (1930)Lord Irwin
Allahabad Address (1930)Lord Irwin
Pakistan Declaration (1933)Lord Willingdon
Government of India Act 1935Lord Willingdon
Indian provincial elections (1937)Lord Linlithgow
Indian entry into World War II (1939)Lord Linlithgow
Day of Deliverance (1939)Lord Linlithgow
Lahore Resolution (1940)Lord Linlithgow
Cripps Mission (1942)Lord Linlithgow
Formation of Indian Legion (1942)Lord Linlithgow
Quit India movement (1942)Lord Linlithgow
Formation of Indian National Army (1942)Lord Linlithgow
Bengal famine (1943)Lord Linlithgow
C. R. formula (1944)Lord Wavell
Simla Conference (1945)Lord Wavell
Cabinet Mission (1946)Lord Wavell
Direct Action Day (1946)Lord Wavell
First viceroy of Indipendent IndiaLord Mountbatten
Only Indian viceroyC. Rajagopalachari

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