Britain, Europe, and the World (1990-2007)

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In 1990 the European Economic Community had 12 members, how many members did the EU have in 2007?27
Which countries were negotiating EU membership in 2007?Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine
How did John Major's European colleagues regard him?Much less confrontational than Thatcher
When was the Maastricht Treaty signed, and when did it come into power?February 1992, and November 1993
Major had a good relationship with German Chancellor Kohl, but what did he want to prevent?Europe becoming too federalist, so he secured opt-outs in the Maastricht Treaty
What did Major say about Europe?He wanted to "place Britain at the very heart of Europe"
What somewhat handicapped Major's relationship with Europe?Anti-European attitudes within the Conservative Party
Why did Blair's leadership style fit with new European Chancellor's such as German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder?They had aspirations of a 'New Europe'
Which agreement, in which Blair played a major role, secured EU enlargement? Treaty of Nice
Which European issues did Blair take the initiative on?Climate change, world trade, and Aid for Africa
When was the Euro launched? 1999
Upon leaving office Blair's personal prestige within Europe was high, but progress on which issues were slow?Climate change, and 'making poverty history'
When was the Lisbon Treaty, a diluted attempted at EU reform, signed?The end of 2007
When did the Northern Republic of Slovenia declare independence causing the Yugoslav state to break-up? 1991
When did Croatia declare independence? 1992
When did war begin in Bosnia? April 1992
When did John Major host a joint EU and UN Conference in London, causing a UN peacekeeping force to be put in place?August 1992
What settlement for peace in Bosnia was put in place in October 1992? Vance-Owen plan
Major was widely praised for his handling of events in Bosnia, why was he unsuccessful? There was no concerted European pressure, and the US was reluctant to intervene in Europe
When was the Srebrenica Massacre?July 1995
Where and when was a peace treaty signed guaranteeing Bosnian independence? Paris in December 1995
When did a prolonged NATO bombing campaign force Milosevic to pull his troops out of Kosovo? 1999

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Who led the new Democratic regime after the Taliban had been removed from government?Hamid Karzai
Why did it become necessary to send troops in to solidify Karzai's Afghan regime?Afghanistan was neglected due to the War in Iraq, and the Taliban began to regroup in 2006 and 2007
When special holding facility for Terrorist was established at Guantanamo Bay?Camp Delta
To which countries were terrorist transported to, by secret flights known as 'extraordinary renditions' and subjected to 'special interrogation' Ones such as Egypt and Morocco

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